You're beautiful

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You're brave and you're beautiful and generous and big hearted."
You're beautiful. Hey, you're beautiful. Huh? i said you're beautiful. Do you think i'm ugly? no.! you're beautiful.! Yes, you're beautiful, fearful, fragile. You're beautiful when you're asleep. Oh, come on. you're beautiful. Ahh! look at me! look at me. you're beautiful, mom. ... is you're beautiful. I think you're beautiful. It's not because you're beautiful and smart and perfect. You've grown. you're beautiful. You're beautiful, and you can write so well. People think just because you're beautiful and popular, life is easy and fun. Because you're beautiful. But you're beautiful. You're beautiful. i mean... God, you're beautiful. thank you. You're beautiful and you're talented... and i'm lucky to have you. You're beautiful in an oldfashioned kind of way. @ city girl @ @ you're beautiful @ @i love you @ Thank you, you're beautiful. you're wonderful, you're wonderful. You're beautiful. you're just too beautiful. You're beautiful, you are. you know that? Bye. hey! you're beautiful! 'i said, "you're beautiful... "' god, come on, veronica. You're beautiful. oh, thank you. You're beautiful, you know that? You're beautiful, frank. got any last tips for me, huh? Hey. nick here thinks you're beautiful. You're beautiful, hank. You're beautiful. you're sophisticated. you're a very talented writer. You're beautiful, very, very beautiful. God, you're beautiful. And you're beautiful. Especially if you're beautiful, and they're not. You're black and you're beautiful. black is beautiful. You're beautiful and you're talented... You're beautiful. you're beautiful. you should show yourself. I bet you're beautiful any time of the day. You're beautiful. always room for improvement. Bianca, you're beautiful and i think you'll be a great singer. Why? you're beautiful, fi. You're beautiful. don't be scared. You're beautiful. you're kind. And you need somebody who's gonna be quiet, who's gonna be shy, you're young, you're beautiful, you gotta find somebody else. It's because you're beautiful, inside and out. No! why not? you're beautiful. I'm not gonna lie to you, i think you're beautiful. You are beautiful. has anyone ever told you you're beautiful? I really wanted to see you, and... and i think you're beautiful, and i, um... Oh, you're beautiful. I mean, you're beautiful, but it's more than that. i promise. I mean, you're smart, you're beautiful. You're beautiful and fun and charming. You're beautiful. enough. Anna, you're beautiful, but you're... not her. Attaboy, hannah! attaboy! you're beautiful! You are so smart and you're beautiful. Oh, um... sarah... thinks you're beautiful. It means you're beautiful. all the fat on him means he's fat. I'm sure you're beautiful in it. Spike, you're beautiful, man. you... You smell like baby shampoo. you're beautiful. Oh, you're beautiful. come away. You're beautiful on the inside and the outside. Okay, um... you're beautiful. Are you not attracted to me? oh, you're beautiful. You know, you're beautiful, and i'm just kind of a mess. We did it! we got the exclusive! audrey, you're beautiful. You're beautiful. you're an interesting woman. You're beautiful and ridiculous. Yes. loverboy, i think you're beautiful. You're brave and you're beautiful and generous and big hearted. beautiful you're