You're back

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No, i'm only kidding. i'm glad you're back.", "You're back, so?", "Thank goodness you're back. what's the matter?"
As long as you're back there, past and present will continue to coexist. Hello. you're back again, huh? And i grew strong and i learned how to get along and so you're back from outer space I'm glad you're back. so am i, dear boy. Good upandcoming magician. you're back. You're back. you're all right. hi. You're back too fast. You're back, huh? Just shut your eyes... and imagine you're back in your own bed... with a soft mattress and a lovely feather pillow. You're back on the show. Transfer out of vice, you're back on the show. Now that you're back in lndia, what will you do? Dr. jones, i am so glad you're back. Come on. come on, you're back with us now. But now you're back. You're back. Just make sure you're back by breakfast. Oh, hey. you're back. You're back! so good to see you! You're back. did you have a good time? You're back at the job center tomorrow, don't forget. I'm really, really glad you're back, schmidt. And maybe now that you're back, you could help me convince him. Hey, man. i'm glad you're back, man. Me schmoozing up the clubs, while you're back here, doing what you love! Oh, you're back. Calm yourself. you're back. did you find the bomber? Hey, you're back. Now you're back to slogans. You're back! you're back! you're back! What? you're back in prison. You're back again with a lot of money at stake. You're back? You're back on the water, boys. You're back early. Listen, man, a lot of people... gonna be real happy that you're back, including me. Okay, so you're back a decade late, and you're on some sort of therapeutic assignment, and you wanna sort things out with me. Whoa, whoa, whoa. you're back on the horse? How come you're back? Pa, you're back! you're back! oh, amelia! I'm glad you're back. you look good. But you're back. no, i'm not. They have like a two second rebound rate and you're back doing the next painintheass thing. This fucking guy. l'm glad you're back, man. "we"? are you saying you're back in, ms. Dr bryant, you're back before term begins. Hey, welcome back! flash, you're back to first alternate. After you're back from fire island, huh? Tommy, you're back! way to go on that d+. Glad you're back. thank you. If you're back, we could watch some tv or something. Jesus, you're back. We're glad you're back. If you're back there, get out. everyone, come on. You're back with chaz and stu and the new zoo review. And you're back in uniform, bruce. Hi! i'm so glad you're back! I'm so glad you're back. What i'm saying is that i hope you're back when i get home. No, no, i meant... you're back. Oh, mugsy. so you're back. Then you're back with anarchy. How you doing? it's good you're back... The bright side is you're back, and made it off free and clear. Copeland, you're back here with me. Milne! you're back. rupert. Yep. glad you're back. You're back on the bike, tommy? Oh, my god, we are so happy you're back with us. Sorry. how are you ? you're back! Yeah, real soon. i'm glad you're back. You're back just when we need you most. You're back on the powder now as well? How come you're back so fast? Hey, man, i'm glad you're back. i missed you. You're back upon the map again sally matthews. Then you're back in control. Tony... i'm glad you're back at the compound. I'm glad you're back. how was the trip? Glad you're back, donut. So, you're, uh... you're back in school? But then you robbed those hunters, so you're back in the negatives again. Thank god you're back, man. I know you're back here somewhere. You're back now. I heard you're back in the water. I'm so glad you're back, jean. Well, i had been planning on going by myself, but now that you're back... I want you to pretend you're back in the movie theater. I'm happy you're back. Now i've got a terrific job, you're back on your own turf... we can be happy. I'm really glad you're back. You're back there having a fucking good time! Thank goodness you're back. what's the matter? You're back, so? No, i'm only kidding. i'm glad you're back. back you're