Yes you

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes. you do?", "Yes, you did. get out, loser.", "Yes, you did. yes.", "Yes, you can. i know you can.", "Yes! you know, logic, that holds society together."
I couldn't. yes, you could've. I can't! yes, you can. yes, you can. Yes, you are. I do not. yes, you do! L don't give her that kind of money. yes, you did! Yes, you can. thank you. I wish i could say yes, you know. Yes, you can. it'll look like a putup job. Yes, you can help me. Yes. you rang, sir. Yes, you did. Yes. you were in the cell next to her. Yes, you do. no. I can't do that. yes, you can. it's just pride. No, no... yes, you have! Yes, you do. Yes, you remember that? Yes, you can. you can stay here. dorothy, i have to. I don't have to listen to you anymore. yes, you do. Yes, you do. i can see it in your face. Yes. you, uh... Yes, sir. yes, you did. Put the lime in the coconut, drink them both up put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the morning yes, you call me in the morning lf you call me in the morning, i'll tell you what to do I don't want to know. yes, you do. Yes, you can stay, yes. And i said, "yes, you know, the french way." Yes, you will. of course you will. Well, l don't know what l've done. yes, you do. you do. Yes, you can. I didn't. yes, you did. yes, you did, brett! Me? yes, you. go. go help him. I could have killed him. yes, you could have. I swayed the room. yes, you did. Yes, you fucking do! bollocks! who is marian? Yes, you can! yes, you can! Yes, you did. i just saw you doing it. Yes, you do. we were in the dayroom... Yes, you, borden, sitting there in your cell, reading my diary, awaiting your death, for my murder. I didn't hear you. yes, you did. Yes, you may. Yes, you did, brett! Yes, you can reach me here. Take him! come on! yes, you can! yes, he can! Yes, you can. oh, shit! You're looking very pretty today. yes, you. I almost got us killed. yes, you did. Yes. you will not regret this. Oh, yes, you did too, didn't you? L'm not having a tantrum. yes you are. Oh, yes, you did, madame. Have you got them out? yes, you have. Yes, you are. well, we'll take care of that, won't we? Oh, yes, you are. Yes. you want me to do it? Yes. you gotta keep your books better than that. Oh, yes, yes. you can look, I did? yes, you did. last spring. Yes, you were, mr. blower. Yes! you are so smart and unfaithful! Yes, you said a lot. You can. yes, you can. i fucking can't! Yes, you were deceived... for i did not know how much i loved you. A wonderful dog, yes you are. yes you are. I never said that! yes, you did. Yes, you do. you're stinking. I'm getting married today. yes, you are. Ooh. yes. you will have such cold. I live like a king down here. yes, you do. Yes! you! Come on. yes, you do. no, please. What? yes, you do! Listen, i'm not getting on the bus! yes, you are. Yes, you did. you said apples weren't exactly flying. No, i'm not. yes, you are. Yes. yes. you know about semtex? Why didn't you tell me aubrey was here you knew i was sitting out the back no i never yes you did are you calling me a liar? Yes you do. Right. yes, you do. Yes, you sure have. yeah! I never. yes, you did. I can't do this. i can't... yes, you can. It comes off, yes. you can put on any strap you like. I can't do that. yes, you can. Yes, you would have married her? yes. Yes, you are. she might kill me if i go over. Yes! you got one. Yes, you will. Yes! you know, logic, that holds society together. Yes, you can. i know you can. Yes, you did. yes. Yes, you did. get out, loser. Yes. you do? you yes