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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Uh, yes. yes, he does.", "What happened? something with sandy? yes, yes!", "... mrs. altmann? yes, yes, i was, yes."
Yes! yes! fucking... Yes, yes. he's not coming back in. do you hear me? Yes! yes! he's telling me to use a rathole. Ruf only! yes, yes, i understand that. Yes, yes, i know. "weather" and "hitler". Yes! yes. no. Yes, yes. not of california. pope john. Oh, yes, yes, of course. Yes, yes. he's very fond of you. Yes, yes, yes, i'm fine. Yes. yes, those are all very good points. Yes. yes, i do. Yes. yes. Yes. yes, it was. Oh, my god! yes, yes, that's right. Yes, yes. to obiwan you listen. Yes. yes, it is. Yes, yes. i'm fine. i'm ready. Yes, yes, but as i said, i never got any pleasure from it. Yes! yes! Yes, yes. hold hands, you lovebirds. Yes! yes, i know that's where the hell we are, but i don't expect to be here much longer! Thank you. yes, yes. come. So you mean to go through with your plan? yes, yes. it's all in hand. Yeah? yes. yes, i do. Yes! yes! whoa! Yes. yes. yes. it's coming. Yes. yes, we do. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Yes. yes, the strings. Is that staying too? yes, yes. Yes, yes. perfectly fine. Yes, yes, of course. that's wonderful. Yes. yes, i understand. Yes, yes. thank you. Oh. yes, yes. jesus. Yes? yes! who is this? Yes, yes we absolutely devastated, thank you, thank you so much, for your condolences. Yes, yes... It's been a long flight. yes, yes, yes. A swamp, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Will you marry me? then, yes. yes, i will. Yes. yes, that is their name. Yes, yes, but now we must eat. I did everything you asked! yes? yes? Yes, yes. Yeah! yes, yes, yes. Man, i need to know. yes. yes. Yes, yes, yes! Yes. yes? damn it! Yes! yes! yes! let me tell you the truth about harvey dent. Yes! yes! i'm gonna be an actor! Float, yes. yes, with less weight. Yes. yes. that's it. Yes. yes, yes. Yes. yes! So should we get a drink? yes, yes. let's. Whoo! yes! yes! Yes, yes. but it is worth more to me than ten francs. It had better be there, huh? yes, yes. Yes. yes. yes. Yes, yes, go to the roof right now. Yes. yes, ma'am, we got one at30. Can we go for a swim now? yes, yes, yes! Yes. yes. yes, it does. Wet. yes. yes. Yes, yes, yes! i'm just going to put in the plate. I still didn't sleep, but, yes, yes, it helped. And spits. yes... yes and spits Oh, you are yes, yes. Yes. yes, i'm here. Yes, yes. there. and then the other one here. Anglosaxon? yes. yes. Here we go. ah, yes, yes, all gone. Oh, yes, yes. you can look, Yes, yes, yes, all right. i'll phone tomorrow. goodbye. Yes. yes! gollum, gollum! Mmhmm, yes. yes, fuck off. I should've asked that first. yes, yes, no. Yes! yes! yes! No, no, no. yes, yes, yes. Like going to college? yes. yes. like college. You want to take this higher? yes, yes, i do. Was it? yes, yes. it's progress, i think. ... mrs. altmann? yes, yes, i was, yes. What happened? something with sandy? yes, yes! Uh, yes. yes, he does. yes yes