Yes sergeant

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes, sergeant. have these men fall in and fall out."
Private idiot. yes, sergeant. Yes, sergeant. Ghoul it is. yes, sergeant! Yes, sergeant. what happened? Can you carry your weight? yes, sergeant! Do you understand! yes, sergeant! And mama's titty in the other. you chop him up! yes, sergeant! You understand me? yes, sergeant! Yes, sergeant! that doesn't fucking do it! Do you read me? yes, sergeant! Yes, sergeant. Wilson! yes, sergeant. I don't hear you. "yes, sergeant." You read me? yes, sergeant! Wilson, get over here. crank this thing. yes, sergeant. So you don't chop your knee off. yes, sergeant. You're in charge. on your feet! yes, sergeant. You read me? yes, sergeant. Yes, sergeant. let's get to work. Yes, sergeant. have these men fall in and fall out. sergeant yes