Yes no

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No comment means "yes." no, it doesn't.", "You are, yes. no, you're the same detective i spoke to, sir.", "Yes, no, i'll be there. i'll be there. i...", "Yes... no.", "Yes. no. very much no."
Yes. no. cancel that. okay. Yes! yes. no. Yes. no. Yes. no. cancel that. Hey! it's me… yes. no, listen… Yes. no! no! "yes. no." Yes, no, i'm fine. i'm fine. Yes. no, there is no problem. Yes. no. you have to tell her before. Yes? no. No? yes? no? is that your final answer? Stan. stan. there's more. no! yes. no! No. yes. no. Yes. no more monkey business. And yes, no doubt to others our ways seem quaint. Yes. no, it's... i'm sorry! But you were supposed to look out for little brother davie, yes? no, no, i wasn't. Yes. no. wow. I should've asked that first. yes, yes, no. Yes. no matter what anybody says. Yes. no pass. So... yes? no? i did it. Yes! no. no, you don't have a boyfriend. Yes, no sweat. i will take nicolas for a ride. thanks. Yes. no, no. no, no. I am not your type. yes. no... Yes. yes. no. Yes. no, mr. cranham. no. yes. mr. blakely. yes. No spelled yes. no spelled no. Yes. no. billy. Yes! yes! knife, yes! no, no! no, no, no, no! Yes... no. no, put that down. Yes. no. he's got a thing. Yes. no. iii don't know. What? that? no... yes... no. Yes, no? no, there are not. Yes. no doctors. No. yes! no. youyouyou haven't even spoken to the prime minister. Oh, we get it from him! yes! no problem! And yes, no need to ask, i'll consider you for a position. Yes! no. "yes?" "no?" "get out of my life, loser." they're all possible. Yes. no deal. Hide! you gotta hide! yes. no. I hit something, yes? no? Yes! no, i got it in my mouth. "erection"? yes. no! It is fruit bread, martin. yes. no, i know. it's lovely. No! yes! no! no! yes! (moanlng) Yes. no, we have time. These are yours, aren't they? yes! no! Yes. no. fuck it, yes. I don't see any folder. yes, no, it's there. it's there. Yes? no, i just... see all the way to the ocean, i bet. Yes. no. you can't kill him. ana... Yes. no, we went all in on this one. Yes. no, guys. Yes! no! you're fine as you are. Yes? no, please don't interrupt me. Oh, yes, yes. no problem. Yes. no. yes. Yes. no! Yes? no? no. Yes, no, or as simply as you can. Yes. no! come on, kira. Yes, no, no, no, this is where they intersect. Yes. no. what are you doing here? what? Yes. no, no, no. I will immediately become a republican and vote yes... no! coffroth will vote yes, but coffroth will remain a democrat until after he does so. Yes, yes. no. he's helping me look... Yes. no. no. Yes. no thank you. Yes. no. what? Yes! no! Yes! no! no! Yes, yes. no, no, no, i... Yes. no, no. lt's about children. Another one? yes. no. Yes. no. i'm dropping off. Yes. no, we have one room booked. Yes. no. it's different. Sorry. but yes, no way. Yes! no, you don't. Yes, no, something went down, man. Yes. no. very much no. Yes... no. Yes, no, i'll be there. i'll be there. i... You are, yes. no, you're the same detective i spoke to, sir. No comment means "yes." no, it doesn't. no yes