Yes master

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes, master chief", "Mr. wickwire! yes, master chief?", "Is that understood? yes, master. until then.", "Throw the switches! yes, master.", "Also check the dgt. yes, master."
Yes, master wayne? Oh, yes, master luke. Yes, master. Yes, master bruce? it was my fault, alfred. Yes, master. Robert. yes, master? Yes... master. Yes, master sergeant. Yes, master chief. isert, we're not gonna be able to talk for a few minutes. Is everything ready? yes, master. Yes, master? Oh, yes, master will. i am "henry the six Yes, master. i sense lord vader is in danger. Adsо: yes, master? in order to command nature... Yes, master. there is too much at stake. Yes, yes, master we have your back no, no, saddam we will attack all your secrets will be open. Reddiver? yes, master chief. Do you copy me? yes, master sergeant. Igor. yes, master. Also check the dgt. yes, master. Throw the switches! yes, master. Is that understood? yes, master. until then. Mr. wickwire! yes, master chief? Yes, master chief master yes