Yes i know

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "That's a very "in" thing to say. yes, i know."
Yes, yes, i know. "weather" and "hitler". Yes, i know, but from where? Yes, i know. Yes! yes, i know that's where the hell we are, but i don't expect to be here much longer! But when it's all of them... yes, i know, i'm terrible. Yes, i know, but how can a woman love a man with a name like wally? Yes, i know them. Now? yes, i know this ends. You want your daddy. yes, i know. So if you told me that he said yes, i know the answer is no. And yes, i know it's kind of a groaner, but... Yes, i know that. Yes, i know, on the bus. It's driving me insane. yes, i know, i know, The corridor scene will be played right here. okay? yes, i know. I yes, i know. He's probably a policeman. yes, i know. isn't he wonderful? Yes, i know, but i still need the numbers on morse industries. Yes, i know. i said thank you for the sign. Yes, i know. yes. and the baby is very distressed. Yes. yes, i know. Yes, i know but i mean, i feel young. Ok, yes, i know the route. – okay. that's on avenue ruiz. – yes, i know. Yes, i know, grandpére. they are not unicorns. Yes, i know, but i am alone. Yes, i know! Ivan! you're the last person on earth... yes, i know, i am the last person on earth, but it happened. Yes. i know i can do it. Julia? yes, yes, i know that but... have you got the text of peer gynt? Oh, hi. yes, i know. Yes, yes, i know, commander, and i actually wanna... Yes. i know, but... Yes, i know. but i know them. i know them. Yes, i know, but just guess. eighty, seventy five shit! Oh, no. we are closed. yes, i know. So if you told me that he said yes, i know the answer would still be no. You say... such nice things, master. yes, i know. i'm sorry. Jordan, angola, lebanon. yes, i know all of that. I mean... yes, i know it was probably easier because nine hundred and eleven and less people applying with terrorism and all that, but still though, i'm sorry. You just came from there. yes, i know. Yes, i know that, stuart. all right, and... Yes, i know exactly. Yes, i know. i can't. You see, what we need is ‒ yes, yes, yes, i know. Right? yes! i know. i love that. But the plague... yes, i know... but he was always hanging around the house. Oh, the30. yes, i know. okay. Yes, i know. that's why i came home. Yes, i know you know? Yes, i know, honey. I think the rabbit was my mother. mother. yes. i know. But it is a lie. yes, i know. Do you know rodrigo mendoza? yes, i know him. Yes, i know chester! Have you ever heard of rwanda? yes, i know rwanda. Yes, i know, but he never mentioned this. this is just... This is her big day. yes, i know that. Yes, yes, i know. Yes, i know who it was. Yes, i know, i know, and i'm really sorry. Yes i know. So, yes, i know that love is unconditional. Longrange sensors... yes, i know. the borg. Um, yes, i know it's a little late, but is it possible to reserve a table for two at00 or30, perhaps? Yes, yes, i know that, morgan. Yes, i know, wing, thank you. Wyatt earp. yes, i know. Charlie, come on. yes i know, dad didn't get the specials. Yes, yes, i know, i know. Yes, i know what this is. Okay. yes, yes, i know where it is. okay. hold on. Yes, i know, you're not a bishop, but... Yes, i know. but we don't lend books. Oh, yes, i know, and believe you me the poor are going to be not just thrilled, but also considerably less poor, aren't they, redgrave? I meant... yes, i know what you meant. It's gonna be another late one. yes. yes, i know. Yes, i know my mark. Rycart has made a statement. yes, i know. I'm einar gilkyson's daughterinlaw. yes, i know. That's a very "in" thing to say. yes, i know. i know yes i