Yes hi

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes! hi.", "Yes? hi, mrs sanchez. i'm chris."
Yeah. yes. hi. Dean witter. yes, hi. Claudla: yes, hi! hello! Yes. hi. this is knox overstreet. Yes, hi. Yes. hi. Oh, yes. hi, tom. hi. how are you? Yes? hi, are you mrs. nagy? Yes. hi. my name's richard collier. Mr. andrew largeman? yes, hi. Yes? hi. Yes, hi, my name is lee chandler. Yes? hi. this is for you. Yes? hi. romina gutierrez, please. Yes. hi, i'm looking for verne? Mr. beckman. yes, hi. walter beckman. Yes, hi. michael jones. i'm with the e. e. o. c. in washington. Yes. hi, i'm william yang, margaret yang's father. Yes. hi. yes, i need heip. Yes? yes? hi! Yes, hi. my name is sawyer valentini. Nice to meet you. yes, hi. Yes, hi. i'm a guest of the hotel. Yes? hi, i'm janine groff. Yes, hi! hi! haiieiujah. Yes, hi, yeah, i remember you. Yes. hi. hey. Who's this? yes, hi. this is nancy. Yes, hi, this is joy fuller. mrs. fuller. I'm melanie. oh, yes. hi, melanie. Hello, greta! yes, hi, greta. Hi. dr. fredrichs? yes. hi. Yes? hi. emira? i've got your mother here in sarajevo. Yes hi susan, i'm... i'm paige. Yes, hi. there's a crazy guy at my high school. Yes, hi. i'm calling from vistech Yes, hi, mate, yeah. i need to enter a password for a customer. Yes, hi. there's a crazy guy Hilary? uh, yes? hi, hon. Alice? yes, hi. thanks for calling. Anne, sure. hi. yes. hi, david. Yes, hi. it smells very nice. Yes. hi. thank you for coming, helena. Yes? hi, mrs sanchez. i'm chris. Yes! hi. hi yes