Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes, i did.", "Yes. serge.", "Yes, i would.", "Yes! wonderful!", "Yes, madam.", "Yes sir.", "Yes, my lord.", "Yes, saroo.", "Yes, i know."
Yes. Well, yes. Yes, father. Yes, i know, but from where? Yes, sir. Yes, nina? Yes, it is. Yes, you did, brett! Yes, they do. Yes, hello? Yes. yes. Yes, i loved you. Yes, indeed. Yes, of course i did. Someone lived this, yes. Yes, i do. Yes, supreme leader. I think, probably, yes. Ah, yes... Yes. but look. Yes, sir, right away. No. yes. Rich. yes, sir. Yes, sergeant. Yes? no. Anything else? yes. Oh, yes. Yes? And, yes, i was negative. Yes, we would. Yes, sir. yeah. Yes, polish intelligence smuggled... My guess would be yes. Yes, we want you to rat. Yes, l think you do. Papa, it'll... yes. Yes, ma'am. Yes. one or two. Ah, yes. Me? yes. Yes, i know. Yes, saroo. Yes, my lord. Yes sir. Yes, madam. Yes! wonderful! Yes, i would. Yes. serge. Yes, i did.