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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yeah, hello? smiley? l'm sorry. that was my assistant.", "Yeah, hello, i would really like to keep the old number if that's possible."
Yeah? hello, it's vincent. Hello? yeah, hello. Yeah, hello. Yeah, hello? Salvatore? oh, yes. yeah, yeah. hello. Yeah, hello, sanford. dante. Yeah. hello, leo. Yeah? hello, i'm lieutenant bishop. Yeah, hello. what? Yeah? hello? hello, jimmy? Yeah, hello. could you send somebody up to my room, please? Yeah, hello? yeah. Yes. yeah, hello, this is bo calling from the branding iron in austin, texas. Yeah? hello. Yeah. hello. Yeah? hello. yeah. Yeah, hello? lowery. Yeah. hello, david. Yeah! hello! Hi, yeah. hello? Yeah, hello, diane. how are you? Yeah. hello there. i'm declan mulqueen. Yeah, hello. hi. Yeah. hello. good morning, doctor. Tony. it's david. yeah... hello? phil! buddy, how are you? Yeah! hello. Yeah? hello? Yeah. hello ! the murderer was wearing a ghost mask, okay ? Yeah. hello? Yeah. hello, arlene. yeah. Yeah. hello, dear. Yeah, hello. karin, look, it's me. Yeah. hello. can i speak to, uh, julius, please? Yeah? hello, shame. i hope i'm not interruptin' anything. Yeah? yeah, hello? Yeah? hello. helen? Yeah. hello, ladies. Yeah, hello, how are you doing? Yeah. hello, jimbo. you sound like you're having a nice day. Yeah, hello? angeli. Well, yeah... hello? Get help to the house, yeah? hello? oh, come on! Yeah. hello, friend. It's, it's so good to meet the both of you, seriously. yeah. hello! may i get you anything to drink? And please bless this food that we are about to eat. richard! yeah, hello? Yeah. hello, up there. i seem to have fallen down a cliff. Yeah, hello. i'm calling about an order you just picked up. Yeah, hello, is paul kaplan there? uh, no. no, he's not. I'm sure. yeah. hello? we've come to buy the apartment! We'd like our hint now, please. yeah, hello. Yeah... hello. this is not how adoption works. Yeah. hello there. is majority leader here? Yeah, hello. put al on the phone. I'm coming, i'm coming! yeah, hello? I am, yeah. hello, holly. Yeah, hello, josh. what can i do for you? Yeah, hello! yeah. yeah. Hello? yeah, hello, yes. yeah, it is. Yeah? hello molly? honest john here. Yeah, hello? sam? yeah? sam... what the hell's the matter? Yeah, hello. uh... He's my best friend. we're gonna play for the razors. yeah? hello? yeah, that was me. Nine hundred and eleven what's your emergency? yeah. hello. Yeah. hello, sheriff's department? Yeah, hello. oh, governor! oh, thank god. No... can you just, just one second. hello? hang on. yeah, hello. Yeah. hello, i'm calling about a uniform. Yeah. hello, i'm at one hundred and thirty five south lexington, um, white plains, new york. Yeah, hello. this is jack woodman. Everyone get settled in, rest up because tonight, big surprise, is prague's annual... carnival of lights. yeah! hello? parker, it's hill. It's your birthday? yeah. hello? so? birthdays are just excuses to, like, eat cake and open presents and shit. Yeah, hello? how is she? Yeah, hello, i would really like to keep the old number if that's possible. Yeah, hello? smiley? l'm sorry. that was my assistant. hello yeah