Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yeah, no kidding.", "Yeah, but..."
Yeah, bruce. fancy that. No more dead cops! yeah! Yeah. government telecommunications project. Yeah, i bet. Yeah. now, there is a tradeoff. Yeah. i'm putting the word out. Yeah, to scare people. you know, war paint. Huh? yeah. oh, shh, shh, shh. Yeah. three buttons is a little '90s, mr. wayne. Yeah, that'd be why. Yeah! Yeah, you're absolutely right. We could look into that. yeah. Yeah. you do, brian. you really do. Yeah. it makes you think about things you couldn't stand losing... Did you clear the building? yeah. "i believe in harvey dent." yeah, nice slogan, harvey. Yeah. it makes me learn from my mistakes. Oh, yeah. i almost had your rookie cold on a racketeering beat. Yeah, well, good thing about the mob is they keep giving you second chances. Yeah? second. Yeah? you wanna flip a coin to see who leads? Yeah, well, i heard they have a different name for me down at mcu. Yeah. it was nice to meet you, too, justin. Yeah, they don't run harvard at night, last time i checked. Yeah. Yeah. the whole universe. Are you all right? yeah. Oh, yeah? yeah, you looked good. Yeah, the license plate. john g.'s license plate. Yeah, you know, yeah, yeah. Yeah. yeah. Yeah. okay. Yeah. yes. hi. Yeah. i was hoping you made that flight. Yeah, well, that was a mixup, then. You memorized to 'g'? yeah, 'g.' a, b, c, d, e, f, g? half of 'g.' Yeah! tuna, man! no, no, no, let me show you how it's done. Yeah, central? yeah? Yeah. did macleish confirm all saviano's priests? Am i? yeah, you are. Good day, sir. yeah. Yeah, you are. L'll be over to see you. l'll be over, yeah. Would you, um... yeah. Yeah, come on, man. Yeah, you already said that. Uh, yeah. who's this? Yeah, pass, please. Yeah, yeah. Aaah! do it! yeah! Yeah, but he didn't want anyone around him. so that's a difference. Yeah. this guy's smaller than his buddy. Yeah. that's how i would describe it. Yeah, you fucking mute! Leaving the ground? yeah. No. yeah, you thought i was a fatty. Naomi! yeah. It's an empty manila envelope. yeah. Yeah, i do alright for myself. I'm not burned. yeah. Yeah. they're totally real. Oh, california? yeah. Yeah, okay. well, sit down, then. Yeah. let's see where we are after lap one. Bradlee. yeah. Huh? yeah. that's a great plan. Yeah! that's for messing up my hair. Yeah, now he's gonna wonder: "if braddock is such an old man, why is he still standing? Yeah, we know who you are. Yeah, i'm fine. Yeah. hon! yeah, he's here. Yeah, now. please. frankie, go help your mom. Yeah, a large pepperoni. how long is that gonna take? You're going to see grace? yeah, that's the plan. Yeah. totally. Ooh, you don't have to step on that rock but, yeah, here we are. Yeah, sure. Yeah, i can believe it. right. Oh, yeah. yeah, shit. Yeah? good. Yeah. see no evil, hear no evil. Yeah. i want that for you too. Yeah. except us. and we work right there. Yeah, we just need to chill out tonight, okay? Yeah? who's this? Yeah, you can count. all you slopes are supposed to be good at math, right? Yeah. i'll bring my wallet just in case. Yeah, but... Yeah, no kidding.