Who was it

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Who was it? what are you doing in here?"
Who was it that finally caught you? Who was it? we can't reveal that. Yes. you were in a position last tuesday night to see who committed this act of vandalism. who was it? Who was it? Who was it? guess. If it wasn't you, who was it? Who was it who always used to say... "you show me a happy homosexual, and i'll show you a gay corpse." I don't know. who was it who always used to say that? Jesus! lewis, you scared the shit out of me! oh, who was it, lewis? Who was it that performed this operation? Who was it? what? Oh, no? well, who was it for, then, santa claus? Who was it? the girl from the party. Yes. who was it? Who was it that thus cried? Who was it? who was what? Who was it sent to? Now, who was it? it was nobody. Who was it said, "a man's reach should exceed his grasp"? When you said that the old man was playing chess every wednesday with... who was it? I wonder who was cremated. who was it? Well' who was it? Who? was it one of her clients? If it wasn't you, michael, who was it? And who was it, then? Who was it tampered with the yorkshire schoolmaster to take smike away from them? This one i wrote after you screwed, who was it? Hive? who was it? So who was it? Who was it that said that the poor aren't affected by wall street? Now who was it? tell me who it was. Who? was it someone famous? Just tell me... who was it? You should have let me answer. who was it? Who was it? dillinger? Who was it? she had a bad dream. Who was it ? i don't know. hung up. The story of a young man waiting for a telephone call from his mother or his lover or who was it. Who was it, honey? I'm so happy. who was it? Yeah. who was it with? Who was it? i don't know, mr. mcbride. Who was it, then? Who was it who said, 'old age is not for sissies'? No, really, who was it? Well, who was it? they hung up. And who was it who sent it to us? Who was it left his card? Who was it? my wife has gone into labor. Who was it, birdie? Who was it? i ain't gonna say. why? And you, billy joe... who was it let you stay in bed so you'd get well? Oh, honey... who was it? Now, what kind of a buiishit story is that? what car? who was it? Who was it who brought food to me? Who was it? i don't know. Who was it, ted? what was his name? Then who was it? Who was it? no one. All right, who was it? Who was it? murphy. What? who was it, marty? Who was it who called you a freak? Yeah. roby, who was it that had you call the doc? Who was it said, "superstition is the religion of feeble minds"? Who was it? who did it? Who was it? i'll tell if you will. Who was it? security. You sent him to see someone. we know that. who was it? Who was it? fred. Who was it? glasses girl? Who was it? what are you doing in here? was it who was