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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Yes. and so in one of the lineups, when you were asked to identify the officers who beat you, who did you identify?"
He never said who did it. Who did you leave him with? You tell me who did. Cops are gonna be looking for the guys who did it. What? who did this to you? Who did? who are you talking about? You need to change course a key endorsement might redeem you who did you have in mind? He says there is one who did. This is correct. who did this? But there are some who did, and do. But woe to the man who did not pay when the note became due. But he didn't do a thing to the boys who did it. Who did the emperor appoint? We need to find out who did this! Hey, who did that? who's letting cherry bombs off out here? After all, it was you who did the leaving in the fire swamp. Who did you say would be buying the drinks? No. who did they kill this time? Who did i call? don't lie to me! Who did you call? What? who did you say, jack? Do you know who did? carl, when you guys print it in the papers, then i'll know. Who did you say? "who did this terrible thing to our city? Tell me, who did this? I told you who did it, and you're not even listening to me. I can tell you who did it. It's in philadelphia. that's where they are, the ones who did it. But those who did it know their blame. Now can you tell me who did it? Then, who did it? The guy who did that, he knew what he was doing. And when i find out who did it. Who did this? And to tiny tim, who did not die, he was a second father. I know who did it... brother you are really something, you know that? The people who did this escaped. Who? who did? I assume it was liz who did the dumping? Did they get the guy who did it? Who did you murder for money, raymond? And what's more, i know who did it. But who did he send it to? Then who did? Two wives? but who did you choose to be the empress? Who's behind this? who did this to me? I'm the one who did this to you. remember me. No. we can beat the people who did this. You know who did that? Who did you talk to at work? Who did you ask? people at work. I don't give a shit who saw what and who did what or who did who. Who did that to you? Hello. holy god! who did that to you? If this chest gets infected, i will tell the congressman who did it. Who did you say you saw? miss mccraw. she was going up the hill as i was going down. And then some other guy who's charged with a different murder says that he can tell them who did it if he gets a lower sentence. Who did she send it to? Who did it? i knew you were gonna victimize me, man. By who? did they arrest the right man? tell us, please. who murdered you? I know who did what? the crown prince! Who did they get for that?! They were the only parents who... who did that. What are my sins? who did i bother? Lawrence! it's not me who did this to you! Information. you know who did this. Put your name on the top of the paper... so that i know who did such good work. Who did you fight with? Who would? who did? But when you start changin' who did what to whom we're not changing anything. we're just trying to present a more complete picture. Your police are the ones who did it. Who did the alien? She knows what happened to that little boy, and she knows who did it. The draw. wait, who did we get? Shit... and the man who did this robbed us of their smiles, of their laughter. Do you know who did it? I know it was you who did the just married thing. We both know who did this. Oh my god. oh, no. oh, who did that? Who did you talk to? And if they know who did it. Girl, who did you have for weekend duty? So... who did you marry? anybody i know? Who did not solve the game last night? Who did this room, parker brothers? Who did you get into a fight with? Who? who did this? Inevitably, it was gerry edwards who did the damage, bundling home after good work on the left by walton. Who did it? best guess. We don't know who did. But i'll tell you if he's found... the people who did this to him will come get samuel. "there came into egypt a pharaoh who did not know." Tell it to the ones who did this to me. Who did this to him? he doesn't know. It took me years to finally find someone who did. Who did he work for? They know who did it. Yes. and so in one of the lineups, when you were asked to identify the officers who beat you, who did you identify? did who