Who asked you

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Who asked you to dive in?"
Who asked you, working man? Who asked you? Who asked you to sign those petitions. Well, who asked you? Who asked you to laugh anyway? Who asked you to? you did. No. radio, who asked you to go in the girls' locker room? Remember the guy who asked you to cut your bush? I tell anybody who asked, you need video equipment, you see john carpenter. Who asked you to butt in? Who asked you to do all this? Who asked you? not you, asshole. him. Who asked you to change things? Who asked you, vince? Who asked you to interfere? Who asked you anyway? Who asked you to steal it? Oh, god. who asked you? Who asked you, trixie? these are my clients. I believe i do, sir. who asked you? And who asked you to draw it? Who asked you ? I'm sorry, who asked you? You start out by asking me a question because you don't know the answer, and you always wind up telling me the answer... like it was me who asked you the question in the first place. Get the hell out! who asked you to come? Who asked you to do that? uh, you did. We're goin' huntin', right? who asked you? Who asked you to do that? Who asked you to come over? Okay, mr. schwinnfuckingarmstrong, who asked you to drive a bike? She's the one who asked you to come down, made the first move. Hey, who asked you, hennessey, huh? what are you? Who asked you to freshen up the act? You don't need a catapult! who asked you? Well, who asked you to?! i'm gonna call the police and tell them about eve! oh, don't you dare! no! Who asked you to come meddling in police matters? Ma, who asked you to teach him to play chess? Who asked you, carlitos?! don't get me upset! It doesn't go like that. who asked you? Who asked you? don't listen to her. Who asked you to give up anything? Who asked you? but he needed attention! Who asked you to follow me? Who asked you, princess scabies? Who asked you to say anything? don't say anything. Who asked you, dickhead? Now, who asked you? Oh, who asked you? i can focus world opinion, and i'm going to do it. Who asked you anything? Who asked you to paint the goddamn house?! you've been trying to paint this house for three years, and it's still not painted. Ah, stop your bawling who asked you? Who asked you for the courage now? After all i've done around here... who asked you to? I know so. who asked you, blubber butt? Who asked you to draw the map? You're making this worse for everyone. who asked you ? Who asked you to? Who asked you to sit down? Who asked you to talk to me? bahr is fooling himself, as if doing a show here. Or i'd look like a shithead! who asked you, butthole?! I think maybe you can, barry? who asked you, fuckbrain? No, what? who asked you anything? Who asked you to speak? Who asked you to dive in? asked you who asked