Well hello

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, hello, stranger.", "Well, hello howdy uh, pizza!", "Well, hello there, emily.", "Well, hello there, eddie."
Well, hello, beautiful. Well, hello. this is jim. Well, hello there, chaps. Well, hello, boys and girls. Well, hello. Well, hello, miss scott. Hi. well, hello. Well, hello handsome. Well, hello. harvey milk. Well, hello. baby, i didn't know you were coming. Well, hello, mrs. doughty. Well, hello, baby. How did i get into this mess? well, hello. Well, hello. surprise, surprise, surprise. hi. Well, hello there, miss. and who might you be? Well, hello there. Well, hello. are these... Well, hello, shirley. Well, well. hello again. i'm looking for edward. Well, hello! come on. Hello. well, hello, pam. Hey, arthur. well, hello, my dear. I'm here can you hear me? well, hello, there Well, hello to you. Well, hello. hi. Hmm! well, hello there. Oh, well, hello! come on in. Well... hello, eddie. Ah! well, hello! That is so brilliant. well, hello, tina. 'cause it was like all the "hi, how are yous" and "well, hello, sunshines" in the county had decided to march down that there dirt road Well! hello! Well, hello there, boys! Well, hello, sport. Well, hello, john. it's very good to see you. Well, hello there, new fish. Come see marilyn. well, hello, boys. Well, hello, you son of a bitch. Well, hello, there! Well, hello, doll. hello. He's angry? well, hello. hey, mark it off. Well, hello, jeanie. who's bothering you now? Ok, jackson, welcome to the well. hello. Well, hello there, young employee of the sidewinder. Well, hello, boys. But then his mother came out. well, hello. Well hello mister mr. fancypants. Well, hello there. how you doing today? Well, hello. good to see you. mr. president. L need your help with her. well, hello there, honeypie. Well hello, boys. easy... ease up champions. Bobby! well, hello, how are you? Well, hello, steve. mmm. Well, hello there. there are no tomorrows, mr. pepperidge. Holy shit. well hello... Well, hello, lvans. Well... hello! Well, hello, freddie. Well, hello, hello. Well, hello. i hardly recognized you. Well, hello, sailor. Well, hello there. how'd you sleep? Well, hello, warren. What? well, hello, love. Well, hello. nice to meet you. Well, hello, lyla. muffin. Howdy. i'm jiggles. well, hello, jiggles. Well, hello, ladies. where we going? can i come? Oh, well, hello, darling. what took you so long? hi. Ronald. we haven't officially met. well, hello, ronald. officially. Well, hello there, eddie. Well, hello there, emily. Well, hello howdy uh, pizza! Well, hello, stranger. hello well