Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, your kid's wearing a lions jersey.", "Well, if you're not spies, then who are you?"
Well, depending on the time, he may be in one spot or several. Harvey may not know you well enough to understand you're making fun of him... Well, i'm sure that you've always wanted to go to hong kong. But when i say that one little old mayor will die... well, then, everyone loses their minds. Well, that's a start. Well, you trust them over at county? Well, you're about to know what that feels like, gordon. Well, i don't know about mr. lau's travel arrangements, but i'm sure glad he's back. Very well, then. alfred. I suppose they're gonna lock me up as well... as your accomplice. Harvey, i know these briefs backwards. well, then... Well, maybe batman can save you. Well, hello, beautiful. Well, i'm sold, dent, and i'm gonna throw you a fundraiser. Well, i was raised here. i turned out okay. Well, i must say, compared to your usual requests... jumping out of an airplane is pretty straightforward. Well, mr. lau... i speak for the rest of the board... and mr. wayne, in expressing our own excitement. Well, i found some irregularities. Well, i do appreciate you bringing me out here in such style, mr. lau, but i re we do not allow cell phones in here. Logs as well? everything. Well, you do, sir. well, can't afford to know them. Yeah, well, good thing about the mob is they keep giving you second chances. Well, i guess no answer is a no. harvey. Yeah, well, i heard they have a different name for me down at mcu. Well, now, who are you to decide? Well, that's not very technical. Well, i don't want you to be sober when i'm high, okay? Not only orcs, but men as well. Be thou, aragorn, well. Well, we're just going to have to drive it, that's all. Well, first to document, archive, and remember. Well, if it's waggling, it's gonna have to come out. Well, when i woke up, i was covered in blood. I'll be downstairs. is everything well? Yeah, well, that was a mixup, then. Well, then what do you suggest we do, huh? Well, if it ain't cinderella man. Well, sorry for using your bag, mr. dunn. Heh. i'm well. Well, why didn't you come with her, man? what's up? You didn't bring it, did you? well... Wow! well, there it was. Did i sleep well? Not just to me, that doesn't matter. to yourself as well. Well, the green string is out. Well, i hope you don't mind me coming by. It's weird. heh. well, i don't think so. Dudley, i know you mean well... . Well, each of his messages begins with the same five letters. Well, it's gonna be both our asses if you're wrong. Really? well, i'm not wiping as clean Well... Well, this here is captain koons. Might as well leave my kit on the bus, 'cause i'm not staying in your jail. Well, my friend, all is not well on the hippie front. So you don't really think she means you're going with her? well of course not charlie. Ah. well done, draco. Well, not yet. she's about to. Well, actually i'll have to take them out for you. but you just tell... He's here. well, you explain it to him. Yeah, okay. well, sit down, then. Well, she's wearin' floris. Well, that's like trying to fly a freight train. okay. All right! all right. there we go. well done, tito. well done. Well, they were looking for you, these guys. I think he could do very well. Well, there you have it. Well, seven hundred and fifty is a lot. Very well, then. You know, misconnect... well, the past is the past. Well, we've only got four for big boy here, so he's all but useless. Well, that's private. i know. Well, he'd be stupid not to. Well done. Well, it's... Well, i found him, i stuck with him for eight years. Well, asshole... what's the big deal? Well, as a matter of fact, my wife is working on our first. Yes, thank you. i am old and i am not well. Well, that's high school. Well, yes, on six of them. Well, she'd sabotage the whole operation. Well, set it on the porch. No. well, your uncle marsellus is. Well, you're his doctor, and that's why. Well, i've never been accused of that before, but i appreciate the sentiment. Well, i need to stretch my legs. let's take a chance. Well? ty ain't found nothing yet. Well, � nineteen Well, you, uh, seen coulter? No. well, then, son, you've got a condition. Well forget how it works. Well, this is it, man. Well, just tell them. chris. Well, then, if it's on jakku, we'll soon have it. But we'll hit theirs as well. Well, if you're not spies, then who are you? Well, your kid's wearing a lions jersey.