There you are

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "There you are. told you.", "There you are, chris."
There you are! There you are. There you are. all i can say is don't fall at the last fence. Evey, there you are. Oh, there you are. come on. There you are. there you are. Oh, there you are. i Yeah, there you are. There you are, young man. There you are, skeeter. And there you are, stubborn old man, sitting on your butt. Ah, mr. weissman. there you are. i'm dealing with this. There you are, eh? where have you been? There you are. wow. There you are. see you tomorrow night. bye. Ah. eddie, there you are. i'm carrie. There you are, sir. hot tea and toast. Ah, there you are. i think i'm going to be sick. Keys. there you are. Hang on, there he is. there you are! He could have looked under the bed and there you are. Still remember your drill, mac? there you are. Hey, carmine, there you are. Manny, there you are. you look familiar. Hey, there you are! excuse me, gentlemen? There you are. thanks. There, you are. Julia, there you are. There you are, pop. There you are. thank you. Here he is. there you are. There you are, you peach. There you are. thank you, my dear. Ah. there you are. good as new. Oh, there you are. he'll vouch for me. So uncle, there you are. There you are, sister. come, maria, it's time for cake. There you are. sorry. thank you. Here you go. there you are. There you are! what's the matter? There you are. all right, babe. Ah! there you are! can l steal him for a minute? There you are. thanks. so twins, huh? "no one there." you are a creep. There you are, you son of a bitch. Well, there you are. hi, grandma. Well, there you are. you said it yourself. Yeah. there you are. Frank. there you are. There you are. didn't even flinch. Byebye, darling. there you are. There you are. gordo. L need him. we must help him. there you are. There you are. as i predicted, they've shut us down. There you are. come on. there's my boy. There you are! ball! safe! catcher! And there you are. you have my family. You say you refused, but a month later, on november tenth, one thousand, nine hundred and thirty one there you are arriving in manchuria, or should i call it manchukuo? There you are. tom, we found him. There you are. what have you been up to? Sir, please, stand up. there you are. hi. There you are, gentlemen. There you are. i have a present for you. Well, we haven't spoke to all the servants yet, so... ah, there you are, dexter. ... with a narc from palm beach. there you are. Oh, there you are. come this way. Oh, there you are. There you are, chris. There you are. told you. you are there you