There son

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Come on. you out there, son?", "Let me have your hand there, son.", "God. just be quiet up there, son.", "Hey, what you got there, son?"
How many of you are there, son? Right over there, son. You're right there, son. Hang on there, son. Hello there, son. Any idea how they got out there, son? Because i sent her down there, son. You better get in there, son. Just mind yourself there, son, okay? Shouldn't be standing in the way there, son. Hey there, son. You doing okay there son? You see that mine over there, son? Get your asses out of there, son. It's a crazy world out there, son. White and the brown. what you got there, son? You're dragging ass out there, son, and it's fucking up my universe. you understand? Those are some mighty big earlobes you got there, son. See, that's my big nigga right there, son. hey. Yes, sir? just hold the fort there, son. Your mom is not in there, son. You better get out there, son. Hold on there, son, hold on. Morning, frank. careful out there, son. This is the time when we are... take it easy there, son. This is yours there, son. Hey. oh, easy there, son. Because i found her raped and killed right over there, son. You're in a peck of trouble with the record companies there, son. Yeah, no, you're there, son. right. Irv, how's it going? you can't go up there, son. Ahoy there! son, are you all right? Why dldn't you cllmb up there, son? speak up. 'cause he's afrald to cllmb. Alright. there we go. bless me father, yadda, yadda... let me stop you right there son. There's one word you missed out there, son: naivety. we've all been very naive. Should've kept up with your spanish there, son. I don't see myself doing much of that in the near future there, son. You still there, son? Hey, what do you have there, son? Hang in there, son! come on, nelson! What are you doing down there, son? Don't put your shadow on the water there, son. Hang in there son, help is on the way. medic! No. stay right there, son. What's your hurry there, son? There go your girl right there, son. yeah. The river's two hundred metres down there, son. You done all right there, son? Hold it there, son. Yo, snowman, are ya out there, son? Hold on there, son. This is it, jimmy. come on, son. get in there, son. Up there, son. up your ladder! Just park it there, son. Hang in there. son of a... oh. We have to be perfect in there, son. Snowman, are you out there, son? Playing pocket pool there, son? Well... get back down there, son. You're on a bloody good wicket there, son! good wicket? i don't understand, mervyn. Will you mind the splashing there, son? Everything ok? dr carson, dr wells... stand back there, son. my brother's in there! Ha ha! i'm getting there, son. Snowman, are you back there, son? Yeah, see her up there, son. What you got there, son? Yes. two hands there, son. Whoa there, son. It's right in there, son. What's that you've got there, son? Just hang in there, son. Look over there, son. Hey, what you got there, son? God. just be quiet up there, son. Let me have your hand there, son. Come on. you out there, son? son there