She's good

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "She's good. i got chills.", "Good. she's good. thanks for asking.", "Yeah, she's good, yeah. we're good.", "Eighty dilated. she's good to go, doctor."
She's good. It's all good. she's good now. Oh, she's good. She's good. l need coffee. ha, ha. She's good, but the ground is shrinking beneath her feet. Oh. how's your sis? she's good. She's good. good. I can't stand it meself... but she's good sort. She's good. she sends her love. Yeah, she's good, man. she's married. she has a baby. She's good. bye, love. She's good. you have no idea. She's good! she's good! She's good at this stuff. Yeah. how's she? she's good. How's that prettywife ofyours? she's good. Bill, she's good to go. How is she? she's good. How's my girl? she's good. Well, she's good, i suppose, darl. Oh shit, that's her? that's her name? she's good. We'll ask robyn. she's good with flags and things like that. Yeah. she's good. How's celeste? she's good, yeah. Yeah, she's good? She's good, isn't she? She's good. she's good. You know, she's good How's kimmy? good. she's good. She's good. she's very good. Yeah, she's good. heh heh. How's koala? she's good. She's good. she can move. She's good. careful, there. Yo, she's good, man. don't even worry 'bout it, man. You all right, ma'am? yeah, i'm good. she's good. She can't really be like that but she's good for a laugh. L liked hannah. she's good for you. She sucks. no, she's good, guys. She's good. she's driving. She's good at her job, you know. Oh, he's gross! she's good. How's lena? oh, she's good. She's good, she's good. How's ellen? she's good. fine. same. And the baby? she's good too. You know, she's good. Yeah, she's good, isn't she? She's got her dvd player, she's good. You get her doing what she's good at. Oh, yeah, she's good at that. No, she's good, she's good. Fine. she's good. She's good. what have you been doing? Mildred something. she's good. How's your girlfriend? amanda? she's good. How's your mom doing? she's good. She's good, she deserves it, and besides, i think she just enjoys being miserable. So she's good? what did i say? yeah, she's good. How's your mum? yeah, she's good. everyone's good. And she's good as new, even after some crazy woman tried to push her off the road. She's good. it's like george clooney and his friends. She's good like that. Eighty dilated. she's good to go, doctor. Yeah, she's good, yeah. we're good. Good. she's good. thanks for asking. She's good. i got chills. good she's