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There isn't a prosecutor in the state who'll go after senator roark. The time for half measures and talk is over, senator. But senator gaius isn't influenced by that, of course. Senator gaius. hello. Senator john fitzgerald kennedy of massachusetts... wins one of the narrowest election victories in american history... over vice president richard nixon by a little more than one hundred votes. Senator gracchus is to be reinstated. Suckered by a spoiled brat son of a senator. I'm gonna put senator roark behind bars where he belongs. And that backup that we're waitin' on will just so happen to show up just late enough for roark to get back to his us senator daddy. Senator gaius, senator falco. Senator gracchus. This jaguar you so pinheadedly covet temporarily remanded to our custody though it may be remains the property of the son of senator roark. A soldier has the advantage of being able to look his enemy in the eye, senator. Senator, my brother is very tired. Get senator roark behind bars? sure. I don't pretend to be a man of the people, senator, but i do try to be a man for the people. Have every senator followed. But surely a prefect, a senator, somebody who knows the city, who understands her politics. Anyone can figure out who framed you, but even senator roark isn't god. Even the insolent senator gracchus was silent as a mouse. Senator edward kennedy getting out of the car. Senator kennedy has been shot! Senator, i'll catch you up later, perhaps at the crap table. Oh, this from a senator who calls vermont home. Senator, sir, he sprang on me like... Senator, this is pointless. where would you go? You work for a fucking senator. It was a rude awakening for michigan senator, hank badgley, today as he was tailed from his home to his workplace by this... what the fuck is that? Even his senator. he wanted to be transferred off the base. Senator. mr. president. Care to comment, senator? Well, don't fear god, senator, and certainly don't fear me. No. no it was not, senator. Senator calhoun is being modest. Senator gomez... we're not going to florida. Yeah. senator duvaii. I think your presence in the room would be a great help as i make our case to senator hofland. So? they're leaving without the senator. Senator calvin baynard. he's a season ticket holder, right? Tell the indonesians they're going to host senator jacobs on a field trip to one of their plantations. Taking off a u. s. senator is ballsy, even for an asshole like you. Senator organa, the supreme chancellor requests your presence... at a special session of congress. I can just picture the good senator being boiled in a cauldron with all these natives dancing around him. Senator, if i may. Senator, i... i'm here to have a talk with the pilots. I've been a senator a very long time. sixteen years. So, the good senator survived his fall. We extracted a young lieutenant who is the son of the late senator, james stanton. Mr guyrich has been dead for some time, senator. Well, i'd love to, dennis, but not as long as the senator is calling for me to be fired. When you're there, you're not ron goode, the guy your friends probably like, you're senator finistirre's aide, and your name really doesn't matter. Senator! Senator duvaii. When the senator remonstrated, chelmsford shot him as well. I got every one in my hip pocket, except senator calvin baynard. – what do you do there? – i'm a senator. Senator duvaii, i think it`s getting very iate. Wonderful. look forward to it. thanks, senator. Sir, you were here when state senator briggs was on the steps. You be careful with those tables now, senator. It's a copy of the same private sponsor certification form that was submitted to the senate ethics committee to preauthorize senator jacobs' travel to indonesia. Hey, liza? l've got another call for you about the committee from senator crudden's office. Senator duvaii is motivated by this absurd iust sit down. Senator, look. A piece of legislation was introduced into congress by senator john platt. Why don't you take your little mission and stick it up... senator kelly is dead. I must have that tie clip!... is the senator from the great state of vermont. Mystique! i've seen senator kelly. He's crashing. come on, senator! Thank you, senator. my pleasure. thank you. always a pleasure. Tell me, senator, do you not have someone on your staff named jack? I want you to meet senator davidson. Senator, you favour gun registration, yes? I heard you met the senator. yes, i did. You think greg stillson's gonna unseat senator proctor? There's a bomb on the way to the coliseum. senator baynard's in danger! you got it? Mr. senator. thank you. congratulations, kathleen. Yes, senator, we did. The mutant registration act lost its main proponent with the reversal of senator robert kelly who until now had provided the loudest voice in the cry for mutant registration. Mr. stryker. senator kelly. Forgive me, senator, but the man called it "a war without end." You had sex with a u. s. senator in the parking lot of sea world. Whiskey. it's funny, the senator just saw her down here. Well, see you on deck, senator. Big enough to be the difference between the continuation of your duties as a united states senator and the reduction of your career to nothing. I got senator stern here. Our new senator must die. Kevin and mary ann lomax, this is senator alfonse d'amato. Senator mccarthy does not like people like us. Senator mccarthy is a man who knows his mind. Through a generous grant from the carmichael foundation. that's the senator? To entrap senator hank badgley. is this true? Mr. president? senator calhoun is here. He's been after senator baynard for years. I also have in my possession a certain tape... of you and senator baynard. And all fords, senator dupree? There is something i'd like to say, senator. If you feel strongly about heatonharris, you could do worse than to pledge to cut ties to any senator who doesn't come out in favor. How about you, senator?