On hold

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hey, hey! hold on, hold on.", "Oh, hold on. hold on."
No, i really came to tell you that our business deal has to be put on hold. Sorry, can i put you on hold? i thought you might. Hello? hold on, hold on. No. please! hold the bitch! go on, hold her! I'm gonna put you on hold. stay by the phone. Come on! hold it steady! That is also true! hold on! hold on! Let me put you on hold. Would you like to dance with me? elevator's on hold. Hold on, hold on. Okay, okay, okay! hold on! hold on! compensating gravitational pull, and... I'm gonna put you on hold. phll: thank you. My mom put her life on hold for my brother. Hold on, hold on, hold on! Ηold on, hold on. Get up! get up! come on! hold on! turn it in! turn in! ... don't put me on hold or transfer me! Hold on, hold on. wait, wait, wait. Hello'? yeah, i'm on he put me on hold. Hey, hold on, hold on, hold on, right. wait a minute. I got the rep in sixth grade. it stuck with me. i'm still on hold. Yo, hold on, hold on. Please, veronica. put billy the kid on hold tonight. Hold on. hold on, hold on, hold on. hold on, man. Hold on. hold on. where are you going? Hold on! hold on, wilson! Wait. hold on, hold on, hold on. Hold on, hold on. how did you get 'em? Just hold on. hold on. She's the woman who lives wait, hold on, hold on. For all of us. hold on, hold on. In january, regina had put a spring fling dress on hold at a store called one hundred and thirty five Hey, hold on, alonzo. hold on, hold on. Come on! hold still! yeah! Fuck it. move on. no, no, no, hold on, hold on. Come on. come on. hold her down. Hold on. hold on! stop. Hold on. hold on. breathe, breathe, breathe, fucking breathe. Hold on! hold on! Hold on, wait, yo, yo, yo! hold on, hold on, hold on! Get out of my face, four eyes. hold on, hold on. Hold on! hold! this is mojo. this is mojo. Hold on! hold on tight, wally! Okay. hold on, hold on. Hold on. hold on. Uh... wait, hold on, hold on. Hey, guys, come on, hold on a minute. Excellent. wait, hold on, hold on, here we go. Hold on, hold on. let me down, let me down. battle, battle! battle! Hold on. hold on a second. Hey. hold on. hold on. Let me turn this up, man. hold on, hold on. Come on, hold on. just let me think for a second. ok? Okay, sure. well, as long as... hold on, hold on. It's too late to start, hold on, hold for what? Hey, hey, hey! hold on, hold on! All right, hold on. hold on. I'm hungry. hold on. hold on. Yes, i'm still on hold. and what was this? When stuff like this happens, i just gotta put everything on hold and help her out, you know? Oh, now, now, hold on, hold on. Who found this thing. hold on. hold on. Hold on, hold on. we can't talk about this here. All right, hold on, hold on! Hold on! hold on! you're gonna rip it right off the track! Okay, guys, hold on. hold on. Unfortunately, all my maneuvers have been put on hold while the matter's being adjudicated. Actually, it's on hold... when you were attempting to... I apologize for putting you on hold. Hey, hold on. hold on one second. what? Yes, yes. hold on, hold on. Betho, betho. he will be here. hold on, hold on. So it's like i'm peering into other peoples' lives because my own is just temporarily on hold. Hold on. hold on. listen. list... Just one at a time! hey, hold on! hold on! Cookie is fucking dying and he put me on hold. 'hold on. hold on. Uh hold on. hold on. hold on. excuse me. excuse me. He's a little agitated. hold on. hold on to him. Custom subtitle by d3xt3r hold on, hold up. Emily, hold on. hold on. Eh, eh, hold on. hold on one second. Hold on, hold on... I know that, betty, but you could call him on the other line and tell him that i'm on hold on the other line. There's more! hold on, fellows. hold on, hold on! I gotta call the police. hold on. hold on. Hold on, hold on, wait, wait! No, there was a room on hold here, so i thought i'd just take it for the weekend. Hold on. hold on. one minute. hold on, cuddles. I'll put you on hold. But i happen to have gotten pregnant with lena... and then i had you... so i had to put my dreams on hold. Oh, hold on. hold on. Hey, hey! hold on, hold on. hold on