Oh yes

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, yes. the law is narrow.", "Oh, yes! banish her! banish them all!"
Did you think of an alibi? oh, yes. Oh, yes, that's very good. i like that. Oh, yes, yes, of course. Oh yes. knox. Oh! yes, pepper. Oh, yes, of course! He is staff? oh, yes. We approach mordor from the north. oh, yes? Oh, yes. i pray. Was the son of a preacher man yes, he was was, was he was oh, yes he was let's go. Oh, yes. it's a quality establishment. Oh, yes. okay. Oh, yes... Oh, yes. he left two months ago. In the world? oh, yes. You're not gonna write it. oh yes i am. Oh, yes, it's a beautifully converted victorian townhouse. Oh, yes. what was it you said to me before? Oh, yes. Oh, yes, master luke. Oh, yes. a great deal. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Have you got it, huh? yes, got it. oh, yes. Oh, yes, she did. Oh, yes, i do. and you had better get on board. Oh. yes, yes. jesus. Oh, yes, we could. Oh yes, i heard they are protesting against the visit of a chinese ambassador. Very nice friend. oh, yes, my precious. Booby traps? oh, yes. Oh, yes. lovely. Oh, yes, sir. Oh, yes, 'cause i'm a bit of a perfectionist, actually. Can i get anyone more coffee? oh, yes! Oh! yes! i did. Oh, yes! Oh, yes, the new boy from next door. Oh, yes, of course, that's it. the knife. Oh, yes. word has reached my ears of this aragorn, son of arathorn. Oh, yes, i've got something very... tasty in the kitchen, i think. Oh, yes, yeah. there we go. good, good. Oh, yes, you did too, didn't you? Oh, yes, we can. Oh, yes, you did, madame. But this was your idea. oh, yes, it was. Oh, yes, that's s for susan. Oh, yeah. oh, yes. Oh, yes, you are. Oh, yes. he'll be there. won't you, honey? Oh, yes. do you want some? Oh, yes! matches! one moment, please! Oh, yes, yes. you can look, Oh, yes, my love. Oh, yes, brilliantly. Oh, yes, i wouldn't mind. Oh, yes! ah, oui. he wants to have you meet his friend richard. Get on. oh, yes. thank you. Oh, yes. yes. yes. I'm cecilia. oh, yes. please, come in. Oh, yes, we was, precious. we was. Oh, yes, i see. you're welcome. Oh! yes, it really is fabulous. Oh, yes, dear. Oh, yes. yes, that's very nice. Oh, yes, of course. though i must admit... Oh, yes. she did what anybody would do. Oh, yes, mr. president. i saw them. Virginia? oh, yes. And my sense of smell is keen? oh, yes. Oh! oh, yes. i'm very pleased to meet you, mr russell. Oh, yes, thank you very much. Oh, yes. good. Hmm? oh, yes. a winchester. Really? they do? oh, yes. Oh, yes. clever. Oh, yes, sorry, meant to say. I saw a picture of you. oh, yes? What? no. no. oh, yes. It won't happen again. oh, yes, it will. Oh, yes, well, my friends call me that. Like... like a cancer? oh, yes. Oh, yes. in fact, i wrote a brilliant little farce Scotch, jim? oh, yes, please. thank you. Oh, yes! banish her! banish them all! Oh, yes. the law is narrow. yes oh