Oh it's

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, it's not just saying hi.", "Oh, it's ok... coolness.", "What? oh, it's a thing."
Oh, it's dirty politics and dirty tricks, that's what's going wrong. Oh, it's such wonderful air. Oh, it's the same old onegodthreegod thing. Oh, it's a beautiful fiddle. it's full of tunes. Oh, it's fine. Oh, it's okay. Oh, it's useless. Oh, it's, uh... sofia, could you pass the salad? Oh, jesus, no! oh, it's simon, papa! This fucking life... oh... it's so fucking hard. Oh, it's so good to see you. Mm. oh, it's a beautiful egg. Oh, it's a hell of a disease. oh, it sure is. Oh it's quite simple. if you are a friend, you speak the password and the doors will open. Oh, it's too late. Oh, it's the tide. it's the dismal tide. Oh, it's great. I don't mean to be so familiar. oh, it's fine. it's fine. iiiii Oh, it's nice to meet you too. Oh, it's an emergency. hang on. Oh. it's leo's dog, seamus. Oh, it's really fucking good. Oh, it's too late for that, peregrin. Oh. it's from star wars. Oh, it's done. Oh. it's just more that everything just feels disorganized. that's all. Oh, it's all us? Hey, sorry to bother you. oh, it's okay. Oh, it's so sad. i'm so sorry! Hey, you. oh, it's freezing outside. What's fubar? oh, it's german. yeah. Oh, it's bitter. they could stop one night. Oh, it's an osteo national bonedensity scanner. Oh, it's still going. Oh, it's a special edition, custommade, just for you. Oh, it's been rough. Just put oh. it's all right. Oh, it's crazy. Oh, it's gene, is it? Oh, it's still there. it's just behind the pub. even the hangar. Oh, it's really not much of a collection, you know. Oh! it's the pancakes! you hate pancakes! Oh, it's impressive. Oh, it's fun. Oh, it's nothing. really. what is this? Do you really? oh, it's really nothing. Ohh! oh, it's amazing! Oh, it's just fine. Oh, it's some iron deficiency thing i have. Oh, it's you. Oh, it's about a guy who thinks he's a knight in shining armor. Oh. it's gonna be easy. don't worry, honey. Oh, it's hot in here. Oh, it's not possible that she's all cruddedup? Oh, it's a '97? yeah. Oh, it's... very nice, luis. Lucky charm. oh, it's just funny. Oh, it's fifteen minutes to curtainup, miss. How did you like my singing anyway? oh, it's beautiful. Oh, it's not like you still wanted her. Oh. it's at my place, duke. Oh, it's for me. Oh, it's a beautiful place. Beautiful. oh, it's such a beauty. ... knives! oh, it's so simple. Oh! it's me. It's adorable. oh, it's so fetch. Oh. it's nice to see you. Oh, it's super insane. it's... it's... it's... it's crazy! Oh, it's in the way you hold me Oh, it's the best time. homer? Miss thompson! oh, it's all right. he's gone. And through the first door... oh, it's easy to get through that door and on the other side waiting for you are all the nummiest treats you can imagine. Oh. it's a new world. I know the war is approaching, but you say, "oh, it's just a trick of the wind." Oh, it's okay. it happens. Oh it's perfectly all right with me, just carry on, if you must. When you're a boy, you think, "oh, it's so easy." Yeah, sorry. oh, it's the warehouse. Oh, it's good to see you. Oh, it's great. great. Oh, it's slippery, too. this table needs a wipe down! Oh, it's movie. yeah. Oh, it's my mother's. Oh. oh, it's okay. Oh, it's doug. oh, thank god he's alive. Where is the cemetery? oh, it's, uh, in, uh, nyack. I'm one italian, so... oh. it's okay. Oh, it's great. what should we call it? Oh! oh! it's in. Oh, it's beautiful. It's hatching. oh, it's hatching. Oh, it's, um, an energy thing. you look, um... happier. Oh. it's cheap, but it's good. It's ok. oh, it's daddy. Oh, it's papi. What? oh, it's a thing. Oh, it's ok... coolness. Oh, it's not just saying hi. it's oh