Oh hi

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, hi, dorothy. nice to see you. good game.", "Hi. oh, hi.", "Oh, hi, i'm ben."
Yeah, hiya, hon. oh, hi, dad. Oh. hi, frank. Oh. hi, patrick. hi, mary. how's it goin'? Oh, hi. hi. this is my son, christopher. Can i help you? oh, hi. Oh, hi, marty. i think it's your new book. Ha, ha. hi. oh, hi. nice to meet you. Hello, mary. what are you doing here? oh, hi, howard. Oh, hi. so, what happened? Oh, hi, robby, yeah. Hi, burt. griffin mill. oh, hi, griffin. good to see you. Hello? oh, hi. Oh! hi. Oh. hi, mrs. baskin. I did not hit her. i did not. oh, hi, mark. Oh, hi, carmine. we were just talking about you. Like, "oh hi! babies have fingernails. " Oh, hi, mr. hemingway. here. Oh, hi. hey. Pam, what's going on? oh, hi. this is my roommate. Hey, rebecca. oh, hi. Oh, hi, you must be mr. harmon. Oh, hi, how are you? L'm paul. oh, hi. Oh, hi. Hi, baby. oh, hi. hi, sweetie. hi, marley. Oh, hi. who is it? Oh, hi, johnny. i didn't know it was you. Oh hi natalie it's nicola oh yeah sorry i brought a pineapple what for? Oh, hi, carl. If we don't leave in the next ten minutes... oh, hi. where's becky? Hi, jennifer. it's miles again. oh, hi, miles. Oh, hi, louisa. Oh, hi. can i call you right back? Hello. oh, hi. i didn't hear you come in. Oh, hi. yeah. Lnteresting dialectic... . oh, hi. Susan. oh, hi. Is my name. oh. hi. Hello? oh, hi, yeah. Oh, hi. yes, i know. Oh, hi, dom. Oh. hi, tammy. Yes! oh, hi. Oh, hi, sweetheart. Oh. hi. hi. Hi, bo. oh, hi, bo! Oh, hi, marty. mama. oh, come on, really? Oh, hi. hi. Anjelica. griffin mill. oh, hi. Oh, hi, carl. how you doing? Oh. hi. Oh, hi. hey, max, my mom just showed up. Oh, hi, ginnie. Oh, hi, betty. Oh, hi. hal francis. this is my wife. honey? : okay. oh, hi, μitch... Oh, hi, mama. Oh, hi, bob. bob. Oh, hi, maynard. i just signed up for anthropology. Heiio? oh, hi, nina. Oh, hi. sorry. Oh, hi, marna, yeah. Oh, hi. come to my good side. You need something? oh, hi, yeah. Oh, hi. still sleeping? Hello. oh, hi. i got to level three. Oh, hi, denny. Oh, hi, how you doing? fine. Oh, hi. i'm sorry to call so late. Yes, sir? oh, hi. Oh, hi. how you doing, man? Oh, hi, roland. come in. Colin? oh, hi, colin. Oh. hi. hey. Oh, hi, myra. i didn't recognize you. Tim! oh, hi, paul. Who's that? oh, hi, detective. Oh, hi... Hello? oh, hi, marty. Oh, hi, ma'am. it's you again. Oh, hi, monte? Oh, hi, miles! Oh, hi, serena. hi. hi, tom. Who? cliff and bob! oh, hi, bob. I didn't mean... i... it's... oh. hi. Oh, hi, mark. Oh. hi. i had to party. where are you? Oh, hi, i'm ben. Hi. oh, hi. Oh, hi, dorothy. nice to see you. good game. hi oh