Oh hello

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, hello. i suppose you come for our jen.", "Oh, hello. lovely to meet you properly.", "Oh, hello, children.", "Oh, hello, hello! you must be barbara.", "Oh, hello, dear."
Oh, hello, nancy. it's jocko. What are you doing? oh, hello, michael. Oh, hello, boy. Oh, hello, sir. Oh, hello mr duke, sir... Oh, hello, minister. Yes. oh, hello! Oh, hello. and this is my anouk. Oh, hello. Oh, hello, mr. cohen. Hello? oh, hello, otto. Oh, hello, i represent a group called lesbians and gays support the miners and... Mr fielding. oh, hello. ls that dr aziz? Oh, hello, officer. Oh, hello. i'm philomena. and you are? Oh, hello, mrs. aird. Oh, hello, sir. your change, please. Oh, hello. um, i'm looking for arlen hird. Oh, hello, maggie. nearly given up on you. come in. Oh, hello. hello. Oh. just like don knotts. oh. hello, mayberry. Good morning. good morning. oh. hello. hi. Oh hello patsy hello wendy alright sorry to bother you on a sunday like but eh... Oh... hello. Or i shall die oh, hello, hello, my dear god... Hello yeah speaking yeah oh hello how're you? Oh, hello. hi, sally. Oh, hello. do i know you? Oi! oh, hello! you all right? Oh, hello, kirk. No no oh hello alright Oh. hello? Oh, hello, durham. Oh, hello, here's trouble. hold the phone. Mildred. oh, hello. Oh, hello there. Oh, hello, lrene. what'd l do now? Oh, hello, george. Oh! hello. Oh. hello. Oh, hello there. have a seat. Hello. oh, hello. Hello? oh, hello sally? I don't have a lady's maid. oh. hello. Max! oh, hello, dr. guggenheim. Captain hook, s... oh, hello, james. Oh, hello, mamma. Hey. oh, hello, fellas. Oh, hello. sexy pyjamas. Oh, hello, mr. wright. Oh, hello, friends. Oh, hello, jowitt. Oh, hello. hi, yeah. Oh, hello. nice house. i like it. How much did you pay? oh, hello. Oh, hello. guess i'm a little early. Oh, hello. is mr. kohlver here? Oh, hello, hi. i thought i'd bring you some chocolate mousse. Oh. hello, ching. Barbara? oh, hello. Oh, hello. i was just oiling it for ya. Oh, hello. look at that. stop it. Oh, hello, mr. daly. Oh, hello. hi, mr. house. hi! Oh, hello, grace. all right. Oh, hello, matron. hello, matron. Oh, hello, i represent a bunch of screaming homosexuals. Yellowski. oh, hello, brad. Oh. hello. hello. Oh hello aubrey hello wendy what're you doing here? Oh, mrs. eastby, hello. oh, hello. Oh, hello. who is it? Oh, hello. how do you do, mr. woodcock? Oh, hello, andy! come on in. Oh, hello, bill. what can i do for you? Oh, hello... congratulations to three hundred Oh. hello, kids. Oh, hello, dear. Oh, hello, hello! you must be barbara. Oh, hello, children. Oh, hello. lovely to meet you properly. Oh, hello. i suppose you come for our jen. hello oh