No yes

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No. yes. fuck off, wanker. you're doing it.", "No! no! yes!"
What's it gonna be, yes or no? yes or no? No! yes, only to get my foot in the door. No, no... yes, you have! Yes or no? yes, sir. No. yes. Oh, no.! yes.! valentine's day is three goddamn days away.! i want it resolved. No? yes? no? is that your final answer? Stan. stan. there's more. no! yes. no! No. yes. no. No. yes! Yes, and on the way back, he started saying that he was in love with me and that he... what?! no. yes. No, no, no. yes, yes, yes. No, no, no, no, no. yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. no, mr. cranham. no. yes. mr. blakely. yes. No! yes! don't let her get... no, no, no! let's go, roger! No, no, no! yes, yes, yes! No! yes! now! now! now! No! yes! No, no, no! yes, yes, yes... You are in distress. no. yes. No... yes. i mean, but i was saying that... What? that? no... yes... no. No. shit, no. yes. Yes or no? no! yes! maybe. It's ok, baby. no... yes. No, no. yes. Comfortable, no? yes, it is. Frightening? no, no. yes. No. yes, we have no choice, mokichi. No. yes! no. youyouyou haven't even spoken to the prime minister. Ln the airport? no. yes, peter. No, yes. but on the other hand, he's got a quite nice smile No. yes! just don't harm her. Adopt her? no. yes. No. yes, roundtree. No? yes. No. yes, l'm in love. l love you. Yes or no? yes. Did you say "no"? yes. No! yes. No. yes, i do. No. yes, come on. No. yes, nola. I can't get through those things. no. yes, we can. i can loosen it. No! yes! no! no! yes! (moanlng) No. yes. which? No, no, no! yes, yes, yes. No. yes, grosvenor. Yes and no? yes. No. yes, you fucking will. No. yes, that will be all, ms rushman. No! yes, he did. president taft. No. yes, you are. – vicuña street – no. yes, please! No. yes, yes, yes... whoopi goldberg? No? yes, he put a ring on her finger. Uh, no. yes. see it? Camille? no. yes. No. yes, here it is. Yes. no. yes. No. no. yes. yes. No. yes, and he's ruining it for everybody in his class who's reading, like, "the iliad" or whatever the fuck they read! No. yes, you did. No. yes, you're acting like a child. I'm pregnant. what? no! yes! No. no. yes you are! yes you are! yes you are! thomas is coming to our school! No. yes! give me five. No! no! no! yes! yes! No, don. no. no. yes. yes. yes. No? yes, sir. No. yes, grabbed me like this. A nazi? like charlotte said? no, no. yes. No. yes. l love ltalian. You have menu? no. yes i do, but i don't wanna order anything. No! no! yes! No. yes. fuck off, wanker. you're doing it. yes no