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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Good night. thanks. good night.", "I hope it's gonna be a very successful night for both of us."
There were more copycats last night, alfred, with guns. Another long night? But the night is darkest just before the dawn. I know why you're afraid to go out at night. And one night, he goes off crazier than usual. If i were sneaking out every night, someone would've noticed by now. Okay. good night. Yeah, they don't run harvard at night, last time i checked. Last night. that's better. Look, i don't mean to interrupt your night, okay? I was in the blue bottle saloon in wichita... the night english bob killed corky corcoran. In fact, if y'all gonna wimblewimble all night, i'm gonna sleep in with him. That's a shame, i done practiced that all night. Good night. You were for me that night, everything i always dreamt of in life. You were quite happy to do a lot more last night. Good night, parker. I'll never forget this one night thing. Did someone have a good night last night? You been sitting there like that all night? Good night, sweet maiden of the golden ale. There you go with my night. Good night, lads. You were scratching all night. You met my friend mr. french the other night. I can't see inside his mouth anymore, and l'm up all night staring at him... and l don't know if the pills are going down. It's kinda half night, you know? but it looks just like this... except for the light. The next day we went to the campsite... but the gypsies had disappeared during the night. Yes, doctor. good night. good night. Some of them partied all night. Come on. did you fall in love last night and you went off somewhere? Just wanted to see what kind of tests you're doing on your own every night. Inspector, they're almost through. last night, i sought to end that silence. Lt makes me sleep good at night. that's what counts. So, good night. good night. Not much else to do around here at night anymore. I sleep great at night. Hollywood police department i'm inquiring about an accident that happened last night on mulholland drive. And this was to be the night that they were gonna lose their virginity. Last night at midnight... they took gandhiji from us. I've taken a night job at a hospital and met some really nice people. Ships that pass in the night. The future, always so clear to me... had become like a black highway at night. We wrote one last night outside the minimart. I've been doing that every night... for five years now. Anyway... l come into the club one night, You can spend the night here as long as you play along with this. Well, i heard a sound last night that sounded sort of like a carcrash and i want to know if there was an accident on mulholland drive. Nice night for a walk. After waiting three goddamn days by the fuckin' phone, he calls me last night and says joe's ready, he'll pick me up in fifteen minutes. Remember that time i stayed up with you all night in your tent because you wanted to play north pole? You're soaking wet and you're gonna leave in the middle of the night. wait. In the joint, chill told me about the night he killed your parents. Good night. good night. So that night, i cleared my schedule, and i rid my body of anything that could fuck with my high. And i wrote the whole night in it. Who knows what you've spoken to the darkness... in the bitter watches of the night... when all your life seems to shrink. Good night, mary anne. Had a tragedy at the well last night. I needed that car tomorrow night, dad. At night, desperate to sleep. How many guys died the other night living in cardboard shacks... trying to save on rent money? I flew a flight into new york last night, but the problem is i'm headed out to paris in three hours. I can't remember last night, let alone three years ago, boss. You should come back to the cages on saturday night... instead of go searching for your lost love. Okay, good night. Those options expired at midnight last night. For years l prayed every night that my father would die... and finally realized, through a lot of therapy... l was wasting my energy on hating him. The other night you didn't even notice jasper. When i was nine i played viola in twelfth night. mum was very proud. You met somebody else that night, about eight p. m. In case i don't see you... good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Good night dad. good night baby. It went on and on into the night." You were all hot in the biscuit to get off last night. That's why i went to larkhill last night. You all done for the night? Good night, sweetheart. It was on the news last night. Looking over here all fucking night. In the middle of the night... maggie had found her own solution. Since l didn't bring nothing for you on our date last night... l thought you might like to have them. No. no, i can't spend the night here. Wow, that's a really long time to be writing about one night! We must have just said good night to charlie burke when the bomb went off. 'twas the night before christmas, and all through the house... not a creature was stirring, except... the four assholes coming in the rear... in standard twobytwo cover formation. Please give a big round of applause good luck, kid. to our very first contestant of the night... jamal malik, from our very own... amchi mumbai. I would have to bounce for a month to make what i made in two hours last night. But at night you can move around. I just wanted to apologize for my reaction last night. Do you keep him in the closet all day as well as all night? Good night. hahaha. Well, i'll say good night, then. It's friday night, for chrissake! I hope it's gonna be a very successful night for both of us. Good night. thanks. good night.