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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Martin. hang on. i'll tell you what you can do.", "Have you ever touched satin, martin?", "Martin would be content to have me with him regardless of how i feel."
Is that what we are, martin? friends? Hello, martin. It could have been ferrie, martin, andrews, any of them. You just listen to the way martin and i batter it back and forth. He was a beacon ofinspiration, not only as a spiritual leader... deliver his opening statement tomorrow... my name is martin vail. They're my past, martin. everybody is haunted by their past. Martin, get your boots on. Look at that, martin. Eugenia, martin luther king just invited the entire country to march with him in d. c. in august. How you doing, martin, you crazy italian prick? Martin and lewis. Some crackpot. martin luther king was killed. Jack martin, a drunk? vernon bundy, a dope fiend? My name is martin vail. I was here last night... and i parked my car next to a very beautiful one thousand, nine hundred and sixty four aston martin. Get me monsieur martin at the ritz imperial, please. Hey, i'm martin vail. Well, martin hansen. Ηow about a little rémy martin? That'll be ten bucks, walt. ten bucks? jesus christ, martin. I'm an acquired taste, martin. How do you want that shake, martin and lewis, or amos 'n andy? Put up some gourds for a martin colony. keep away these crows. In the most anticipated murder trial in recent chicago history, former state attorney prosecutor martin vail will lead... Law offices of martin vail. Dr. martin luther king's beautiful dream expressed so dramatically... during the one thousand, nine hundred and sixty three march on washington... was shattered tonight in memphis, tennessee by an assassin's bullet. You think that's what it's like with all our dreams and our nightmares, martin? Be my guest, martin. Seems that you won after all, martin. It is martin, isn't it? Martin and lewis. did you just order a fivedollar shake? I'm a patient man, martin. In later years, bobby kennedy, martin luther king... men whose commitment to change and peace... made them dangerous to men committed to war, would follow... also killed by such lonely, crazed men. It was also tough crossexamination of woodside and weil by stampler defence attorney martin vail. Robin? martin. too much salt. Have you talked to martin and deirdre? they'll be fine. Your friend martin is... well, the doctors are still looking at him... but it looks like he's been blinded. He said the level of quality established on set was the highest honor for martin scorsese. I'm worried about you, martin. i did that. It looked hilarious, martin. Martin? i think you better hurry. Martin sheen? martin sheen? Quick, what's one divided into thirteen million, huh? martin! Oh, martin. Martin, my god. Martin. Hey, dr. martin, this is my best friend, bobby mitchell. We got jerry lewis and dean martin going to camp with us here this year. Jane martin is here tonight. For those who don't know who mitch martin is, he's the very successful, very diseasefree gentleman standing by the minibar. Wait. i have smashing idea. martin! They were both ghostwritten, martin. And, can i just say on a personal note, martin, that type of wild speculation undermines the work of the police force and ultimately does a disservice to members of the public who support it. I'm looking for the owner. that'd be me. martin cash. Don martin! Call me martin luther werthan behind my back. By the by, thank you so much for your very generous contribution to my aston martin fund. Sorry, sorry. hey, martin, what's happening, man? Hey, hello, martin. hi, ken. He was talking about martin luther ling. Whoa, dude! not cool, martin. Yes, you do, martin. Gunny martin, meet pfc leavey. I'd come to know martin and eve very well of late. No, no. leave your shoes on. martin? smells wonderful. There he is, martin. I look up, and it's martin luther king. Hefina, tell martin to mind the kids. I'm getting the royal treatment, martin. Until martin is better. He's in prison right now in birmingham with martin luther king. She wanted you dead, you know. martin, don't you dare! Martin, right. Point is, martin, you can't steer from the pain. I said, fuck off, martin. I should've warned you. come in. thank you, martin. What? rusty told me martin called the cops on a prowler the other night. Take this opportunity, martin. it may never come again. Is that your husband, martin? I think there are themes about people searching for their family trees and the whole irish diaspora... don't use words like diaspora, martin. Martin, really. can't you just do it yourself? Martin. how's business, tricks? Please, martin. i'm telling you the truth. Martin, why didn't you just listen to me when i was explaining the rules? Tell martin i'm dead. It's okay. it's martin. are you picky? Oh, martin, have some buttered brack. They just sat down, martin. Em. so, martin was just telling... Still, makes you wonder what someone like martin does... for entertainment, doesn't it? You ain't never seen martin luther king with no messy curls on his head. Martin. martin, get in position. Hey, martin, was it weird when you joined the taliban, being american and everything like that? Mr. middleton, i fought with captain martin... under washington in the french and indian war. Martin blower represents damn near most of the village. Martin would be content to have me with him regardless of how i feel. Have you ever touched satin, martin? Martin. hang on. i'll tell you what you can do.