Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Time's up. get out of the garage. it's not00 yet, lars."
You know... you're a good looking fellow, lars. Lars asked us not to wear black today. Lars. Is that lars? Hey lars, why don't you come with us? Anything you want, lars? More coffee, lars? yes, please. Lars, you know we... we've learned a lot. No no, don't run. lars. No. oh my god, i hope you didn't think that, lars. Lars, have you met erik? not officially. Oh, that. lars, i'm missing three of my action figures. Hello, lars. Come on, wait. lars, stop. stop! And lars, lars. yeah. Lars, keep me company. Hey, thanks for going bowling with me, lars. Why not? lars, we miss you. Lars would never let her cut it. guys and long hair... Lars, i... Lars, it's your day for coffee, buddy. Lars... ? Lars, you gotta see this. No, i'm not letting it happen, it's lars. it's always been lars. Hello? hey, lars. karin. That would be great, lars. Lars, this is my husband. No, she doesn't. she doesn't have nurse's training, lars, Good night, lars. It's so dangerous... lars, sit down. No, i don't, it's a tricky illness, lars. Lars? look at them. Honey, come here, it's lars. We're gonna keep her here until she's stable, but... she wants to go home with lars tonight. Lars! Hello? hello? lars, lars. This how life is, lars. everything at once. Lars, god bless, god bless. Lars, bianca a total babe. Lars, c'mon, you promised. And she is not petite, lars, bianca is a big big girl. Has lars been functional? does he go to work, wash, dress himself? I'm not sure we are the same type, lars. Especially lars. Lars, we do care. Lars, isn't that hard to get away with? She's not, lars. Come down to the family room, lars. let bianca rest. Lars is a good boy. No, everything is pretty much exactly the same, except that karin is pregnant and lars is nuts. Now look, if it were me... i'd find out now before you show up at her place... and, well, she's in bed with lars from norway. Who's lars from norway? This is erica or lars. Lars von trier's melancholy Lars has fillings. Lars? lars, it's matias. Hello, lars! Lars, do it now. He's secretly disinterested or... ? oh, that's lars. Lars is killed. Edvard? lars, it's me. Where is lars? Lars, colin, get the gear. ten minutes. Where the fuck is lars? drop it! We haven't got lars. Now tell lars... to open his mouth. What happened to lars? Lars, be careful. Who? they got lars! Peder, they took lars. Calm down! where is lars? Jonas, you and lars go out. Peder! they took lars! Lars is going to drive you. Colin, lars, get your gear. Put it down! they killed lars! Lars, it's me, matias. Lars and i'll disable the vehicles. I never had sex with lars. Lars, you're okay? yes. We're wasting too much time already. lars? Lars kwan. kwan? Hey, lars. lars. i gotta do something important right now. And she was like, "yeah, right, lars. no way." How did i know you were gonna say that? lars? It's just fucking great. lars, language, please. Time's up. get out of the garage. it's not00 yet, lars.