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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "They've rented some land at lars ancaster's farm.", "Lars, you know we... we've learned a lot.", "This how life is, lars. everything at once.", "Oh! with all the bears in these woods, lars..."
Especially lars. Lars asked us not to wear black today. Hey lars, why don't you come with us? She's not, lars. Hey, thanks for going bowling with me, lars. That would be great, lars. Lars, have you met erik? not officially. Lars, we do care. Lars. just take... take a breath. Lars would never let her cut it. guys and long hair... Lars, isn't that hard to get away with? Lars, keep me company. Lars is a good boy. Oh, that. lars, i'm missing three of my action figures. No, she doesn't. she doesn't have nurse's training, lars, because she's not a person. More coffee, lars? yes, please. Has lars been functional? does he go to work, wash, dress himself? I'm not sure we are the same type, lars. Hello? hey, lars. karin. And lars, lars. yeah. Lars, you gotta see this. Hello, lars. Who's lars from norway? Lars, it's me. Hey, lars, guess what? we're in charge now. Lars, have a nice summer. All right, do it to it, lars! You're obviously a very powerful man, lars. Lars, shouldn't you be watching the kids? "lars"? what kind of name is that? And i am lars. That's it, lars. Owen lars. At least i think it was lars. I didn't leave, lars. i was cast out. Careful, lars. you might catch a cold. Lars, we've turned a corner. A quarter? you think so small, lars. Hi, ernie! lars? There's no air in the middle class, lars. Don't you see, lars? Lars, fly up here now. Lars, we're gonna have to climb. I don't know, lars. Lars? can i call home? He's been lying to you lars. What's going on? shut up. lars? I'd like to see them again, lars. That little priss's name was lars, okay? What happened to lars? Now tell lars... to open his mouth. Okay. the best you can hope for is to work with lars here and save something. My bank will get its money back faster than you can say "knife" and what do you get? lars wants fifty percent of the plaza development. Lars, what happened to your accent? Oh, lars, you sure picked one heck of an american family to shack up with. Lars, haven't you heard? Laundry time. leave that to me, lars. Lars, yeah, dude i remember you. Joe larsen, lars enjoy the show, party pooper. And she was like, "yeah, right, lars. no way." Lars! this is a party like you read about. Scott, people are trying to set lars on fire. Jeanie, i wish that soup and lars could see you too. You got something better to do there, lars? Yeah. well, i gave up fresh fruits and vegetables for three years... so people in china could enjoy lars and the real girl. One of them lars? yeah. yeah. So, you know lars? Lars is good. but i'm a little better. yeah? yeah. cool. Is lars there? What are you doing? lars. lars. Lars and claus, do whatever it is you do. Lars. what? Lars von goetz? Lars, this is... oh, yeah. the toad. frog. We're gonna keep her here until she's stable, but... she wants to go home with lars tonight. No, everything is pretty much exactly the same, except that karin is pregnant and lars is nuts. No. oh my god, i hope you didn't think that, lars. I mean, nice play, lars, it's risky, but it's fucking crazy, man. When my father left this extraordinary house to my brother lars... In the liquor warehouse on the cement floor... wow! in baton rouge. oh, my parents hated lars. Widow of lars knudsen, the danish match king. Where the fuck is lars? drop it! Never fear, lars von goetz is here. Well, is lars in? i'd like to discuss preparations for the auction. Dispose of that, lars. what? No, i don't, it's a tricky illness, lars. Come down to the family room, lars. let bianca rest. Lars, being how you're from sweden, the sex capital of the entire world... could you tell me what's wrong with me? With the help of lars and the norske velconan bank we aim to buy pap & sons back from the receiver. And she is not petite, lars, bianca is a big big girl. Lars, where are you off to with that enormous satchel, robbing a bank? Oh, lars. would you mind if we had a couple of drinks? Lars, i'm stuck! get me out of here! i can't breathe. Lars and gunnar are left alone with us in there? I've been giving you second chances all your life, lars. You know... you're a good looking fellow, lars. Oh! with all the bears in these woods, lars... This how life is, lars. everything at once. Lars, you know we... we've learned a lot. They've rented some land at lars ancaster's farm.