Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Christ, i have to call karen too.", "Hello, karen, customer service.", "Karen, listen to me, please. get out of here.", "Karen, left too?", "Did you guys hear? he's goin' out with karen clarke now."
Yeah, so you remember karen of course. Fine. good. how about karen and the kids? Well, thank you, karen. Hello, karen! Thomas, you need to say hello to karen holloway. Karen, can you give us a minute? Hey karen, how are you? Karen too. yeah. Hello, karen. hello yourself. Sure. good to see you, karen. Go ahead, karen, give it to him. here you go. Uh, no, um, ten karen just moved. L used to come here with karen cross. Can you say byebye to karen? And the crazy thing is is that it should be karen, but people forget about her because she's such a slut. Oh, uh, hi, karen. Here's karen at the health desk. Hi. i'm karen eiffel. No more imaginary office ditches, karen. Karen walker is dead. Thank you so much, karen, hm. bob. Karen was feeling me, man. Karen! karen. I need to speak to karen eiffel. I'm sorry? karen eiffel. Oh, my god. karen. In the name of all that is holy, will you look at karen smith's gym clothes? And it's not really a matter of opinion, karen dear. Byebye, karen. This company has a strict notolerance policy about harassment in the workplace, and... well, karen doesn't feel safe with you employed here. L mean, unofficially, this is a shoe, but it's not, karen, it is a glass of water. Okay. karen, okay? Did karen walker try to kill you? Okay, karen, activate enhanced reconnaissance mode. Hey, karen. Just leave your number with karen, okay, up front. Maybe it was because karen and i insulted you in some way, or karen maybe had too much grappa? Till you had enough and got out, you and karen both. i'm not criticizing. Karen, get me to decathlon as fast as possible. Rayna knew all about our agents... because karen walker sold her the names. Hey. tell your sister that donny from olsen's broke up with karen. Norman grunmeyer, karen connor, stuart hoffstetter. I love cambodian people. i mean, look at karen. Karen, um. can you, uh... God, karen, you are so stupid! Karen clark? Karen flagged a report by one of her staffers. I think she was scared of you, karen. No more games, karen. i'll see you soon. The karen clark meeting? really? shit. Hey, karen. what's up? I'm seriously starting to think that you're jealous of karen. Karen will want you to say "war is unforeseeable." Karen? What's really so different between us and karen walker? The karen people, comprised mostly of poor christian farmers, have been singled out for extermination. What if karen comes back, and then we're still sitting here? Your mother was a good woman, karen. Karen, you have to help me override that time lock. Tell me, karen, do you ever have second thoughts about us? Karen, call dr. burke. Holy shit, that's karen. I hope we'll meet again, karen. Yeah. l think we can get simon foster into the three o'clock with karen clark. Sonya, ring karen at darwin hospital. Don't, karen... hey, seth! No, toby. karen clark, us assistant secretary of state. Do you remember your aunt karen? kind of... Karen, i'm coming in, honey. Because whatever happens when you meet her, karen... it'll be easier than this thing that's eating away at you. Tobes here has got me into the big karen clark meeting this afternoon. That one there, that's karen smith. Karen... my brother is opening a restaurant in corpus christi, texas. Stanley, jason freel's got karen. Karen. L'm karen. hi. toby. Excuse me, is karen moreno here? I called karen. Yeah, this is, uh, little karen. Yeah, but then you went and got a hand job from karen waller. Karen! karen! What about karen the other night at the christmas party? Hey, karen, what else can this suit do? Karen, hold on. Where the fuck is karen crowder? How are ya, karen? Say hello to karen, mija. Oh, yeah. i'm looking for karen. Well, karen and i are splitting up... split up. A world where karen connor will fit the glass slipper. Thank you, karen. if you just give us a few minutes to talk about it. ... then karen connor, one could argue, was the homeliest. Karen, it's mr. simon. Karen berman, my aunt theresa... cousin tommy who lives in rochester... eddie meyers from the office... stanley, the guy who's putting in our kitchen cabinets. Hi, karen. Did you guys hear? he's goin' out with karen clarke now. Karen, left too? Karen, listen to me, please. get out of here. Hello, karen, customer service. Christ, i have to call karen too.