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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Look at me, john.", "Shit, lenny. i'm a fucking john g.", "You care more about john kennedy than your own family."
Yeah, the license plate. john g.'s license plate. John? is everything all right? John, get off the ropes. move out of there. I'm here, john. i'm here. Oh, john, what the fuck are you doing? Thanks, john. you bet. I have to get something done. john! John? John never said much about him. John, they haunt you though. I'd be able to show him my revisions on his... john. I want you to tell her that... john said that he was sorry. John? john? Yes, yes. not of california. pope john. I saw your report a couple weeks back, thought i'd run it through our john does. Talk to me! john! open this door! Who does pr for the cardinal? still john walsh? John, besides, you're a terrible teacher. With a bunch of rich developers. including john shaughnessy. Sound good, john? that sounds good. great. John edward gammell. john g. Who in god's name do you think you are? john hammond. I need your help, john. John wayne does not walk off into the sunset with grace kelly. John daggett's body was just found in a dumpster about an hour ago. John geoghan, st. brendan's parish, dorchester. John connor. Is that john g? i don't think so. How are you, john? Blake, john. Why, yes, john, it is. You've got to stop her, john. John, come in. did you get that? John... Peter, hugh, john. The baby is at my mother's, john. John, stop him, stop him. hey, hey. Look at this. this is john... Hello, john. Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's john wayne? John. My name is john nash. John, i'm not going anywhere! I'd die for john connor. Sometimes you don't answer the phone... so he slips shit under your door to scare you into answering the phone again... giving you a line ofcrap about john g. being some local drug dealer. John. not now. You're gonna fight john henry lewis again. It's life, john. O'brien, john. Nicely done, john. thank you, tom. Come on, john. let's have some tea. it's a big day. John, look at me. But you admit to molesting boys at st. john the baptist? John philips, london. (car horn honks) thanks, john, for that update. He's a butch john. meet him on the street, you'd never snap. John, the kind of control you're attempting is not possible. Sure as hell sounds like a john bull to me. This guy's john peterson. valid id. Senator john fitzgerald kennedy of massachusetts... wins one of the narrowest election victories in american history... over vice president richard nixon by a little more than one hundred votes. John, you've got to go now. Ellis? yeah. now, listen, john. Pictures of you, john, your big friend here. And john. hello, mate. You're... you're john nash, right? Sincerely yours in our lord, most reverend john m d'arcy, auxiliary bishop of boston. Tell them you don't know me! john, how can you say that after all these years? How many john g.'s or james g.'s? Who the hell is john f. kennedy? Another john g. to look for? Hello. i'm john. this is sue. John, i think you could get with the program a little, huh? "john edward gammell." "first name: john." "last name: g" for gammell. Rage against john, against god, and... Look at this, john. Peter, john. yes. John taught us ways to dust them. John, i tried not to involve you. Christ, john, please do what he says. Okay great. well, the reason for the call today john is. Mr. officer john mcclane... of the new york police department. This is overwhelming, john. So was it john that sent you here? But you can't think through this one, john. ... to attempt to prove a conspiracy involving businessman clay shaw... in the murder of john f. kennedy. Get a grip, john. okay. Something just came across my desk john. John henry lewis, he's your number two in line. I think john is a very lucky man, alicia. You need to calm down, john. I'm little john. Call john. Do you have a photograph of john? You care more about john kennedy than your own family. Shit, lenny. i'm a fucking john g. Look at me, john.