Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Jim, we're working on a procedure down here for you."
Jim needs you away from them as soon as possible. Jim needs you to pack up and put the kids in the car right away. Hey, jim. get a load of this. Jim, it's over. Oh, jim gordon? he's a friend, actually. try to be nice. Well, that's an amusing thought, randall... but when you came in, we were talking to jim. Jim olmeyer. two doors down. welcome to the neighborhood. And that's his lover... jim. That's our next door neighbor, jim. Pull them in now. l'm gonna do what jim gordon never could. Oh, damn, jim. If this car is real, oh, jim will know. The other segments of the show, sibyl the soothsayer... jim webbing, the vox populi, have all developed their own audiences. Jim! our rule: no property, no law... just love. I don't know, jim. I need to know, jim. I need you to tell me something, jim. Yeah, walter robinson for jim sullivan. Jim sullivan's office. Don't you know jim sullivan? yeah. why? That the younger jim. Jim, you take it. You're protecting this guy, jim? Jim kurring. Stay off him, jim. come on! Something's wrong, jim. i know it. Jesus, jim, he wasn't gonna hit me. Good luck. jim. Sure, jim. sure. Jim. what's going on? Jim, i just lost my planet. Jim, we must go. Billions of lives lost because of me, jim. That is where i'm from, jim, the future. Jim! what's going on? Look, jim, i gotta go. yeah. Jim, i think i love you. that is so weird. It's jim. jim kirk. Jim, bad news, bill's turned. We waited for hours, jim! This is jim finnerty reporting for kjsf in richmond. Jim... i fell out of love with your mother. You know, jim, you're not my dad. You're not seeing jim tonight? I tried to make jim go back, but you can't make jim do anything. So tell me, jim, whose side do i fight on in this wonderful war? The doors? jim morrison? They did the same thing to jim hopper. Jim hopper. Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home. Well, my name is jim, but most people call me... His bike didn't even come close to passing tech inspection, jim. You know how it is jim, rules are rules. Coach. jim, put that shit out. Jim ferguson? yeah. The deal? forget the deal, jim. Jim, anything you want, you want it, you got it. Jim, this is ricky, jim. Why'd she do that, jim? Can i tell jim what you do? sure. That colonel jim is a tall glass of water. Give a shout of praise for colonel jim johnson. Yeah, on a science fiction scholarship, maybe. jim. Well, congratulations, jim. That's real funny, jim. He loves the mine... more than jim even. Come on, jim. this is it. Hello, jim. Jim, come here. Looks like your size, jim. You're a tired boy, jim. Jim. a new name for a new life. Jim, we've been through this before. Hello, jim. what's doing? It's jim taylor. Jim spaulding referred you. Classic jim jefferies. "come on, jim. you're better than this." If you leave the show this evening, and you're thinking about raping someone, jim jefferies says no. Wait, jim hudson? hudson galleries? Jim hudson. chris. Everything's good, uncle jim. Here to help, jim. He says he's gonna call in on jim dunbar's morning show in three hours. Jim costa. how are you, detective? Have you ever heard the name jim duncan? I only have you now because you lost jim. Jim and i were together for sixteen years! Jim was not a substitute for anything. I was never one to jump out of bed and greet the day with a smile like jim was. Jim rivaldo, a great mind. Did jim make eagle scout or not? One more thing, jim. Jim, is jack in there with you? That's close enough, jim. good work. Okay, jim, you can fire when ready. The shorter, the better. roger that, jim. Okay, jim. copy that. Jim, we're working on a procedure down here for you.