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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Jeffrey. where the hell is levinson?", "Jeffrey hubert of hubert international attended the opening of his newest north coast branch yesterday."
Jeffrey? you know i can't see. What are you gonna do to us? tell me more about jeffrey. I don't have the code anymore, jeffrey. Okay, that's it, jeffrey. you're gonna get a shot. Hello, jeffrey. Jeffrey goines? Jeffrey goines was a fruitcake. Jeffrey lebowski. Yo, jeffrey. goines. What? jeffrey goines said it was my idea about the virus. It's not bruised any more. please, jeffrey, And that from now on he, jeffrey goines, is going to personally supervise the labs... to make sure the little animals aren't going to suffer. Not you or jeffrey or anybody else. Todd's brother was jeffrey anderson. Electricallyoperated sexual devices, stereo... systems with brainimplanted headphones, screwdrivers with miniature builtin... radar devices, voiceactivated computers... take it easy, jeffrey. This is my associate jeffrey lebowski. Jeffrey started getting bored with the shit we do. Then jeffrey becomes this big star, and the media latch onto him because... he's picketing his own father, a famous nobel prizewinning virologist. He fixes the cable? don't be fatuous, jeffrey. You know jeffrey goines. you were... Tell me about yourself, jeffrey. Goddamn it, jeffrey. quit playin' the fool. Jeffrey, come back here. Jeffrey! walter, if you're there, Jeffrey? hmm? you're completely insane. Well, yeah. look, jeffrey, Jeffrey. Get out. out. come here, jeffrey. Jeffrey, what are you talking about? The other jeffrey lebowski, the millionaire. I have no choice but to tell these bums to do whatever is necessary to recover their money from you, jeffrey lebowski. Look, jeffrey, i don't want a partner. Where are we? jeffrey? please. By the most preposterous notion about jeffrey. Ahh. jeffrey? jeffrey, i know that's you. For god's sake. jeffrey. Jeffrey, this is patrick. She is flyin' down to interview jeffrey. Oh. jeffrey, you're too drunk. I don't want to hear any more. shut up, jeffrey! She's talkin' about you, jeffrey. Jeffrey! i'm just asking. I don't understand. i don't have time, jeffrey. ... fucking jeffrey dahmer. name a victim. you can't. Jeffrey, i just met carlos. Look, jeffrey dahmer was eating the shit outta niggas' heads. okay? Jeffrey, come here. Jeffrey? sweetie, jeffrey, are you okay? Go, jeffrey! None of that. jeffrey, talk to me. Yes, dr. banks? this is jeffrey childs Ooh, here we go. all right. here we go. jeffrey? Tonywinning producer jeffrey sharp tossed his wife back into drug rehab. Captain jeffrey beams. Hello, jeffrey. what's up, silver fox? I'll rephrase. jeffrey, did you ever want to give santiago a code red? Jeffrey, this is none of your fuckin' business. Very small apartment for three people, jeffrey. There you are, jeffrey. Jeffrey? jeffrey, good morning. Jeffrey! just tell me you're okay, baby. Corporal jeffrey owen barnes, marine barracks windward... guantanamo bay, cuba. Jeffrey, are you awake? They are so futuristic, aren't they, jeffrey? You know, that's jeffrey dahmer's business. Hey, jeffrey, we should go... we should go to colorado. You listen to this one, jeffrey. Dirty fucking... jeffrey? I am not listening to jeffrey, but he's still talking. Yes, this is lieutenant hayley, l. a. p. d. you're acquainted with a photographer, one jeffrey kohlver? Come on, jeffrey, talk to me. Jeffrey? hey, baby. Jeffrey. lee. Jeffrey! what, ma? Jeffrey? she's talkin' about my son. Jeffrey?... public appearances. Yes. jeffrey has insurance? Jeffrey, will you listen to me? All right, look. i'm going to tell you, but this is it, jeffrey. Edgar beaumont and jeffrey clark. That's runnin' the tip with the black gorillas, petty hustlers, and asses jeffrey dahmer, son of sam, aran nation, and o,j, now how you gonna stop them? No, i'm jeffrey propes, mrs. pilikian's attorney. So it's like a jeffrey dahmer... ugh. Transfer the company, i pay back jeffrey with interest. I need that money in there until they sign, jeffrey! Yes, jeffrey. that's good, Stephen, jeffrey, catherine, david. Jeffrey dahmer. he was a cannibal and he kept severed heads in his freezer. Jeffrey! That's why i borrowed the money from jeffrey. Jeffrey allen from major crimes will be heading up the investigation. Captain jeffrey baylor here, ten tennessee, minié ball, left thigh. Jeffrey, i told you. i'm working on it. you're working on it. yeah. Maxwell hoover, say hello to special agent jeffrey mccafferty of the old fbi. He's perfect. the minute jeffrey allen hears his nephew is down, That's your brother, jeffrey. Don't forget to kiss your mother hello, jeffrey. Jeffrey hubert of hubert international attended the opening of his newest north coast branch yesterday. Jeffrey. where the hell is levinson?