It's me

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Michael, it's me. listen, i think you're right.", "Fuck. hi, alex. it's me, scottie."
Go ahead. vincent, it's me. Lenny, it's me. It's me. i'm sorry. everything that happened, it's my fault. It's me, it's desmond. i'm gonna fix you up. It's me, ned! ryerson! Hello? hi, it's me. What's that? it's me belt. Rocket, it's me, for god sakes! Hi, it's me. Hey. it's me. Hey... it's me. It's me. Oh, wait a second, it's me! Doc, it's me, marty. don't tell me anything. Yes, it's me. It's not you, it's me. But it's me knife i'll be doing you with. Hello. janelle, it's me. Yeah, it's me! It's me, saroo. It's me. is that marzia? Robby. hey, it's me. Jim, where are you going? it's me, samuel. It's me, i couldn't get out of my head. Hunter, it's me. Hi, mitch, it's it's me, your dad. Robby. hi. it's me. It smelt as if someone had died the living room was full of flies the kitchen sink was blocked it's me. Claudla: what the fuck is this? jlmmy: it's me, claudia. lt's me. Brendan, it's me, pop. Billy? yeah, it's me. It's me, celia foote. Merry, it's me. Are you sure it's me? Mafalda? mom? yeah, it's me. Yeah? it's me. Sam! it's me and shirley. But if it's me you want to talk to, perhaps we can arrange a meet. Hey bo, what's up? it's me, what's going Hello, it's me... leave a message... Yeah, it's me. It's me, dad! Klump, it's me. Calm down, cole. it's me. cole, it's me. That's the kid shooting at us? kid, it's me! will munny! It's me taking ''no'' for an answer, you know? It's me being a hypocrite, is what it is. It's me. he's... he's... Same side. guess who. hi. it's me. Yeah, i'm glad it's me, too. Hey, flicka. hey, it's me, harry. Hey, it's me again. scott. There's this beautiful girl, just fucked me forty ways from sunday... we're done, she's walking to the bathroom, trying to walk... she turns... she looks... it's me. It's me, fenton. i'm not a demon. please. It's me. chrissie. okay, look. it's gonna be okay. Is it you or your boss calling? it's me. Bikeorama. hello, dottie? it's me, peewee. Gertrude, it's me. Yes, it's me. l'm here to save my girlfriend. She was further back in the woods. it's me, irka. wake up! It's me. thurgood. Oh... look it's me! Hello, pickle. it's me, mum. Kirk, it's me, martia. Gojko? yes, gemma. it's me. Where's jimmy? it's me, jimmy, bobby. Da. it's me. Uhhuh? it's me, it's beck. Leave a message. i'll call you back. hey, it's me again. Hey, it's me. so, uh, did you want to meet at the gallery? Sorry. it's me again. You know, spock, if an earth girl says "it's me, not you," it's definitely you. I can see it draining out of you. it's me, remember? What is that smell? it's me, all right? Sam, it's me. l need a favor. Hello? hey, it's me, jenna. Yes, it's me ! Dr. woodward, it's me. Hey, it's me. It's me, mr. mccall. it's ralphie. It's me, perceval. Yeah. yeah, it's me. ... really you, red? yes, it's me. Yeah, mom, it's me. Jimmy, it's me, chazz. Sandy, is that you? yes, it's me! Oh! it's me. Hey,jo. hey, it's me. Fuck. hi, alex. it's me, scottie. Michael, it's me. listen, i think you're right. me it's