Is after you

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "There is always someone who is after you or mock you.", "Ruth, nobody is after you! you're having a dream.", "Who is after you, after angie?"
Or maybe he really is after you. The whole mobile force of the nevada state highway patrol is after you. Every agent in the country is after you. All i know is after you left the cafe last night, i met a girl. Then you're going to tell them you know where he is after you negotiate a finder's fee. "nothing is after you. Who exactly is after you? Nix is after you, right? And that's why haif the new york poiice force is after you? And now you think death is after you. This guy is after you. There is no reason for you to believe this man is after you. What it amounts to, then, is after you gave miss jacqueline the morphia, she never stirred all night. Robert, are you feeling safe out there or do you feel like the pipe fitter's union is after you? Then you'll come running here some night yelling for a shot of booze because the crickets is after you. Goebbels is after you, for heaven's sake. Oh. you'd be amazed how easy it is after you take that first step. Who is after you? It's the only time you ever see your hair fall out, is after you take your shower, and you wash your hair, there's a bunch of hair lying there. She is trying to replace me. nobody is after you. Nobody is after you. are you sure? This guy is after you, too, on top of everything else? Or who may have heard, is on your trail is after you to... retrieve a box? Who is after you, after angie? Ruth, nobody is after you! you're having a dream. There is always someone who is after you or mock you. after you is after