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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "And now the brotherhood is after us. señor, i warned you.", "We'll deal with whatever that is after the game.", "This is, after all, why we hired her."
If he is not the source, then he is after the source, the same as we are. She is trying to replace me. nobody is after you. The brits is after us! The truth is, after so many years... you begin to lose more than just your appetite. So the truth is, after all your travels... after all your efforts... they've stopped the campaign and sent you back emptyhanded. Who is after you? Well, what does it matter what bourne is after? No, this is different. she is after me. Dude, this is after plastic surgery! What we're asking, gerald, is after such a long layoff, do you think you're up to the job? Truth is, after a while we sort of avoided getting to know them. I came here for the cilantro crawfish gumbo, which is, after all, the only excuse one could have for being in this restaurant, which is, by the way, almost completely empty. Hi. this boy i used to see before i left for college is after me. It is, after all, a glamorous world i showed you. What i'm trying to say, danny, is after victoria graduates, we're gonna go back home. This is after the preface but before chapter one. Lf l may, l think it's only fitting that we're eating tonight at hop louie's because this is, after all, peter's favorite restaurant to bring all of his dates. Who is after you, after angie? It is, after all, an american concept. He is after the boys! My point is, after what happened the last time, I wake up with the alarm and then i get dressed and eat breakfast, but sometimes i forget to see what time it is after that. I don't know what it is but it is after peter. I guess it should be up to them, i mean, it is, after all, their country. L mean, this is, after all, the war committee. It is, after all, a jungle out there, isn't it? Dude! gen is after your man. A half finished book is, after all, a half finished love affair. He's wanted all along, it's me... that snake is after. Uh... sir, the q and a is after my statements. Every agent in the country is after you. My point is after it crosses through findlay, there's about twelve miles of vacant farmland. Everything's been fixed. no one is after you. The whole universe is after it. But the problem is, after a few hours of contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns. Let me finish this hand. there is no time. someone is after me. Darcy also convinced bingley that she is after his fortune and doesn't truly love him. It is me he is after. This is, after all, why we hired her. We'll deal with whatever that is after the game. And now the brotherhood is after us. señor, i warned you. after is