I'm there

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "And if it's not too much trouble, may i take a shower while i'm there?", "Just know i'm there with you and you may feel me crying"
... if i'm there and i gotta put you away, i won't like it. I don't know who i'm with or why i'm there, or where i am. Someday you'll be wrong. i hope i'm there to see it. Where are you? i'm there. But i'm there. I'm there about an hour. I'll be there. i'm there. Everybody on? yep, i'm there. While i'm there, think of a hook. Stick it on, daverimo! i'm there. Okay? i'm there with dale and glen, and... No, i would have seen you. i'm there every day. Yeah, i'm there. Listen, you know if you ever want to talk about anything or anything, i'm there, right? I'm there with you and you take care. And, like, i just feel like a fat, dumb, fucking stinky assturd when i'm there. I'm there. i'm ready. Hey, i'm there. I want you to know i'm there for you, even if it's words on paper. Don't worry. i'm there because of the court. Well, i'm there now, which is much different. I don't think she knows i'm there, any more. You call, i'm there. As a matter of fact, i'm there right now. And i might incidentally be able to solve our problems while i'm there. And if they are moving us back to paris, i can look for an apartment when i'm there next week. He knows i'm there. Lt's important i'm there and i'm going. He knows nothing unless i'm there to help him! I'm there for her as a friend, miss avery. I'm there, dad. i'm just hiding behind your reputation. Party at the moon tower. oh, i'm there. My mother hates my father passionately... i'm there for them on a permanent basis... watch a lot of tv... probably the only time i don't feel naked... I'm not there to watch. i'm there to…record. Well, i'm not there alone. i'm there with bugs. I'm trustworthy, and i'm there when you need me. I mean, the man has his hand on the doorknob half the time that i'm there. I can't leave. i'm there already, remember? I'm there... excuse me. You point and i shoot. i'm there ! Hello? i'm there. No, i'm there. Sounds good, i'm there. i love blowouts. Pretend i'm there to fix the dishwasher? hmm? You won't even know i'm there. I'm there almost every night. If anyone has an accident or is born with a deformity, i'm there to help. I'm there for you, buddy. Yeah, i'll activate it once i'm there. I'm there, babe. look no further. Shorty, i'm there for you anytime you need me for real, girl it's me in your world I'm there for you, zekey. Is there, like, any chance i'm there? Just know i'm there with you and you may feel me crying And if it's not too much trouble, may i take a shower while i'm there? there i'm