I'm right

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You needn't tell me i'm right. i know i am.", "I'm right here, plissken.", "I'm right next door.", "You could be right. you bet your fucking ass i'm right."
You don't have to be scared. i'm right here, frank. I'm right behind you! I'm right here. Hey, buddy. i'm right here. right here. I'm right here, baby girl. If you need help with the other cheek, i'm right here. It's not disgusting... ok, you know what, when i get home, i'll check my journal from '94, but i know i'm right! I will be right here... i'm right here. Hello. i'm right here. Open the fucking gate! i'm right here, da. Lex, i'm right here. We walk. i'm right there. I'm right here. i'm fine. There. look at this. see? i'm right again. No, i'm right... i'm right here. I'm seriously outgunned, and i'm scared, but i'm right. You're okay. i'm right here. Are sure i can't give you a ride? i'm right here. Yeah, i guess i do. yeah, i'm right here. Look at me, i'm right here. J' and i'm right back where i've really always been. Shh. it's okay. i'm right here. Maybe you're right, dad. i know i'm right, pal. No, don't do that. i'm right here. It's ok. i'm right here. Of course i'm right. You want something from me? 'cause i'm right here. I still believe i'm right. and i'm right. Look, i'm right behind you. just go. So i'm right, though. i mean, i'm right. so you're right. so big deal. You should check for early alzheimer's. you're forgetting. i'm sure i'm right. Yes, i'm sure i'm right. I'm right here, honey. here we go. I'm right here with you. excuse me. I love you, too, and i'm right. i took the responsibility, Yeah, you know i'm right! he knows i'm right. all right. I'm right behind you. okay. I'm right as the mail. Move! i'm right behind you. I'm right, aren't i? yes. I'm right. I'm right, aren't i? Look, lizzie, she's gonna change. you know i'm right. Damn it. i hate it when i'm right. I'm right across from you. I'm right, right? Al? hey, i'm right here, partner. I'll just have to convince you i'm right. Sorry, i'm... i'm sorry, no, i'm right here. No, i'm right in the middle of something. I'm right behind her. Look, i'm right here, baby. And you know i'm right. Stay right... i'm right here. i'm right here. Hi, sweetheart. i'm right here. You there? if i ain't, i'm right next door. If i'm right, there were other people who called my house that day, not just you. Wade? i'm right here, althea. I'm right here, just breathe. What if i'm right? I'm right ashamed of you, mud. I'm right on the line. settle down. I'm right here for you. If i'm right, someone killed four random people so no one would look directly at oline. If i'm right, they gave you the beijing cocktail. I'm right here! I'm right here. i ain't hiding from nobody, alice. Call me. if i'm right, you'll shit. I'm here, baby, i'm right here. Okay, whatever. i'm right you're right. I'm right here, woz. the company left me. I'm right here i'm right here don’t worry hurry up with the blankets! He's right. he's right. of course i'm right. I could... say no more. i'm right behind you. If i'm right, we can access the area of the brain that governs repair... wow. Okay. i'm right here. Yeah, but you didn't. i'm right here. If i'm right about this... I'm right behind you. I'm right behind him, train! I'm right here, daddy. But if i'm right and you prove he is a vampire... he'll kill us all. Sissy, where are you? i'm right here! I'm right on schedule, up four You could be right. you bet your fucking ass i'm right. I'm right next door. I'm right here, plissken. You needn't tell me i'm right. i know i am. right i'm