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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I'm dr. charlie logan.", "I'm dr. angelo. i live next door.", "Now, listen. i'm dr berman, i'm from the institute,", "I'm dr. sharlett lyn, i'm your doctor."
Good evening. i'm dr. emmett brown. I'm dr. sevard. I'm dr. burton. Mrs. lee, i'm dr. arlo. I'm dr. ziegler. i'm the director of the ghetto labor bureau. I'm dr. mandeville. i was on duty when they brought him in. I'm dr. mckittrick's assistant. Quite all right, i assure you. i'm dr. john watson. I'm dr. pendanski, your counselor. I'm dr paul pearlman. Hi, i'm dr. stewart. Oh, i'm dr. klenstein. I'm dr. lifson. you've got a patient here from county jail. Hello john. my name's weizak. i'm dr sam weizak. I'm dr. banks. Don't be alarmed. i'm dr. williams. Hello. i'm dr farmer. Yeah? i'm dr. banks. Hi. i'm dr dubin. I'm dr. brandes. i work up on three. What do you mean? he works for me. i'm dr. jan zabiński. I'm dr. newman. I'm dr. harford. I'm dr. kalish. Mrs. peck? i'm dr. jones. I'm dr. grasnik. Lee? i'm dr. muller. we spoke on the phone. I'm dr. hirsch. this is a countryman of yours, mr. collins. It's a pleasure to meet you, prot. i'm dr. becker. I'm dr. vinton. i need to talk to you about the test results. I'm dr. kurtz. shockmaalya! I'm dr. halil gullu. i'm the senior obstetrician at st. mary's hospital. I'm dr. barnwell, one of the new attending physicians. Randy, i'm dr. moayedizadeh. I'm dr. smythe. i'm on the psychiatric staff here. I'm dr. marcus. I'm dr lull. nice to meet you. I'm dr. barlow. I'm dr. cunningham, emily's attending. I'm dr. kenan. I'm dr. james farmer of wiley college. Hi, i'm dr. allen. i operated on your mother. I'm dr. carter. particle physics. advanced microbiology. I'm supposed to be down here. i'm dr. shearing. I'm dr. benjamin stone. Nick and shawn. what's up, guys? i'm dr. rick. Joseph, i'm dr. brundage, by the way. Hello there. i'm dr. hopper with the world health organization. Who are you, anyway? i'm dr. rock's assistant. I'm dr. sander halvorson. I'm dr. danzer. I'm dr. nirmala. can you hear me? I'm dr alex cross. I'm dr cara jessup. and you must be david. I'm dr jessup. I'm dr. fallon. how's my wife? Yes? i'm dr. ng. Hey. i'm dr. knight. I'm dr. ira kane, chairman of the science department... Hi, mrs lee. i'm dr mctiernan. hi. doctor? I'm dr. granville, dr. dalrymple new associate. good morning. I'm dr. berkus, marin county hospital... and you are one very lucky woman, mrs. merrick. Hi. i'm dr. strinsky. Mr. langdon, i'm dr. brooks. Um... i'm dr tina gassko. Hi, i'm dr. connie dowd. Dr ruocco, excuse me. my name is cross. i'm dr alex cross. Hi, i'm dr. clay. I'm dr. ouelet. I'm dr. jung. I'm dr tyberg. Mr. barnes, i'm dr. carter. I'm dr. southern. As i said, i'm dr. sinclair. I'm dr. newport. Hello, abe. i'm dr karras. I'm dr. gelineau. I'm dr. dinsmore. I'm dr. mott! I'm dr. timothy brady. i've been, uh, I'm dr. cova, i'll take care of that paperwork. I'm your doctor. i'm dr. richards. Uh, i'm, i'm dr benzedrine. I'm dr. sharlett lyn, i'm your doctor. Now, listen. i'm dr berman, i'm from the institute, I'm dr. angelo. i live next door. I'm dr. charlie logan. dr i'm