Hold on

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hold on, tito.", "Get up! get up! come on! hold on! turn it in! turn in!", "Hold on, mark.", "Ηold on, hold on.", "Hold on, mister.", "Hold on. maybe you should talk to the man himself."
Hold on, what camp is this? Hold on. i've got a cramp. Hold on. Well, hold on now. Hold on? Hold on one second. all right. Ray, take care of this. hold on, adam. Yeah. hold on. What? hold on. what? Hello? hold on, hold on. Hold on, frodo. Rocket! hold on, saal, just... Susanna, just hold on. okay? i'll be right back. Hold on. do you have beer? Hold on to your butts. Five four three no! wait, hold on! Hold on a second! Hold on a second. i'll buzz you in. Hold on, baby. I'm sorry, but... hold on! wait! Hold on a second. Hold on, this isn't some species that was obliterated by deforestation or the building of a dam. For god's sake, hold on to this. Hold on, daveyboy! Hold on a second, i need to find a pen. hold on, okay? Hold on to him. Hold on, this will be thrilling. Hold on. what do you want for lunch? wednesday's fish sticks. Yeah, it's okay. hold on. Hold on. those are miss hilly's. Hold on, mate. Yeah. all right, buddy. hold on. Hold on, little hobbits. Yeah, of course. hold on. Jesus christ, hold on okay. Hold on, one of ours. hold on! let's go, let's go! Hold on and make sure they're down! Hold on here for a second. You hungry? no, ma'am. hold on a minute. I can't hold on to this any longer. Not with me. i've got to go. hold on. Yes, it's very convenient to hold on to one rope and let the other one lose as and when you feel like. Wait. i forgot something. hold on a second, anna! Find a good one, hold on, and all that. Hold on, fellas. it won't be much longer. That is also true! hold on! hold on! Hold on. give me a hint. Donnie, what? hold on baby? Hold on, i said hold on! Hold on! Marvin, l need you to hold on. Hold on. i think i've got another gear. Hold on a sec. Hold on. i'm gonna write this down. it's easy. just go... Just hold on a second. let me finish. Captain. hold on, caparzo. Bb8, hold on! We have a forty eight hour hold on him unless we bring charges. Take randy's hand and hold on to him. If we wait, he won't hold on. Hold on, hold on. You can do it! hold on! Do you see it? hold on. Hold on, mr. frodo. you'll be all right. Just hold on tight, we'll get through this together. Hold on here. what is this? Okay, okay, okay! hold on! hold on! compensating gravitational pull, and... Hold on, missus walters. hold on. Just hold on here. Hold on. how is this now about me? I love you, just hold on tight. Drucker's on line two lieutenant, hold on for a second. Hold on now! We're coming over. hold him there. hold on! Hold on a minute. here's us at mt. rushmore. Hold on, lads. Pippin! hold on! Hold on, get away from the window, we'll gonna blown away. Hold on, nicky. Hold on, you guys. hold on. what is it, man? Hold on to that, it's hot. Hold on, hold on, hold on! Okay. hold on a second. Hold on, little shirelings. Hold on. maybe you should talk to the man himself. Hold on, mister. Ηold on, hold on. Hold on, mark. Get up! get up! come on! hold on! turn it in! turn in! Hold on, tito. on hold