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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, yeah, this is zachary stone calling again."
Uh, hi. yeah, i want to place an ad. Hi. yeah, um... i'd like to transfer your control over to quentin beck. Hi, yeah. l'm checking the status on a paper that was circulated by a staffer here. Sure you are. hi. yeah? Hello? oh, hi, yeah. Hi! yeah, hi, it's me. Oh, hello. hi, yeah. Hi. hi, yeah, can i talk to forman? Hello? hi, yeah. Hi, yeah, dave. hi, it's kimmy. Hi, marcus. hi! yeah, hi, sasha. Yes, hi, yeah, i remember you. Hi. yeah, um, do you have any free samples of this? Hi. yeah, i talked to him. Captain johns, hi. yeah. what? Hi. hi. yeah. Hi, yeah, congratulations. Hi, yeah. Hello? hi. yeah. Hi, yeah. hello? Hello. yeah. hi. yeah, just a minute. Hi. yeah, it's pretty good. Hi. yeah, it's me. Lenny, hi. yeah. very positive. Hi! yeah, he really loves it, though. Hi, yeah, everything's going great here. Hi? yeah. Hi. yeah. Hi. yeah, you heard what happened? Oh, hi. yeah. i've been waiting for this. thank you. I see my friends. can i go say hi? yeah, sure. go ahead. Hi? yeah, can you actually come down here please? Hi. casey porter here to see mr. harrington about the illustrator job. hi. yeah. The cop? oh! hi! yeah! yeah, we bump into each other sometimes. Hi. yeah, sorry i didn't call after i got in. Hello, operator, hi, yeah. Hello? hi, yeah, um, i'm calling to make funeral arrangements... for my friend's mother. Wow. yeah. let's go say hi. yeah. Hi, yeah, this is caroline conway calling. Hi, yeah. she just walked through the door. Hi. yeah, it's me. Hi. yeah, you will not believe what's going on down here. Hi. yeah, i'm wondering, do you guys have live music in the evenings? Hi. yeah, i'm just wondering, uh, do you guys have live music in the evenings, by any chance? Hi. yeah, nice to see you again. how are you? Hi, yeah, okay. Hi. yeah, i just wanted to see if you were there, bye. Hi. yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah. okay. Hi. yeah, um, i was trying to reach officer frank gomez. Hey, man. you remember alyssa. hi. yeah. Hi. yeah a little help for a friend? i'm stuck! Hi! yeah, hi. i'm really interested in buying a lot of your products but first i need you to put all of them on my face, in a very nice way, for free. Hi. yeah, there is a... strange woman standing in my office. Hi. yeah, look, is this, is this a bad time? Hi. yeah, i was hoping we could talk for a minute. Hi. yeah, come on down front, you little guys. Hello? hey, you up? hi. yeah. glad you called. Susie, hi, yeah, listen, i'm really sorry. Hi. yeah, can i get forty bales? You renting from the driscolls? hi. yeah. Hi. yeah, i'm fine. why you ask? Hi. yeah! oh, and this is thomas. Hi. yeah, this is her daughter. Can i help you? hi. yeah. tori. yeah. johana burwood. Ms. wierengo. hi. yeah. um... Gil? gil? hi. yeah? yes. Hi. yeah, uh, like i said to the other guy, i recently added phone service to our cable package and the rate i was given was one hundred and twenty nine dollars a month. Hi. yeah, you're looking good. Hi. yeah, i'm wondering, are you home? Hi. yeah, he's out. okay, hold on. Hi. yeah, hi, tom. Mikey. hi. yeah, it's mark renton. Hi. yeah, like clockwork, right? Hey! hi! yeah! Hi. yeah, uh is coach cochran here? Hi. yeah, we just wanted to stop by and say a quick "hi" and good luck. Hi, yeah, i was just explaining to your daughter, we're part of the three cs contest, which is a collegiate communications competition. Hi. yeah, i guess i do have a few questions. mmmhmm. Hi. yeah, hi, may i please speak with jerry brady? Hi, i'm a big fan of yours. hi. yeah? Hi, yeah. can i go down on you again? Hiya, kenneth! hi, kenneth! how's your mum? yeah, she's cool, man. tell her i said hi, yeah? Hi, yeah, nice to meet you, too. Hi. yeah. it's in new york city. What do you say we go down and say hi? yeah. okay. ready? Hi, yeah, i called yesterday about being locked out of my account. Hi. yeah, i just started running again. Hi, yeah, yeah, come on in. Hi, yeah. how are you? Oh yeah. hi. hi. yeah. Hi. yeah, i'm... i'm gretchen. Yes. are you vann? hi. yeah. Lenny? hi. yeah, it's me. Got a guy. hi. yeah? Hi. hi, yeah, i, uh, i came in early today. Well, hi. yeah, you too. Hi. yeah, i wanted to see what the tourists saw in the place. Hi, yeah i was given this as a possible contact number for her. Hi, yeah, i ordered a tummykiller ranchero, and i got a doublechunk gut bomb with cheese by mistake. Hi, yeah, this is zachary stone calling again. yeah hi