Hi sweetie

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, sweetie. good to see you.", "Hi, sweetie. see you guys later.", "Hi, sweetie. i miss you.", "That's what i'm talkin' about. oh, hi, sweetie!", "Hi, sweetie. hey. hi. hi."
Hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. thank you for my potatoes. Hi, sweetie. we just landed. Mommy! hi, sweetie. Hello. hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. hi. look who's here. Hi, sweetie. Hi. sweetie says that you're a really nice lady. Hello. hi, sweetie. how's your day going? Hi, gordon. hi, sweetie. Hi, dad ! oh, hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie, is everything okay? Hi, sweetie. yeah. Hi, sweetie. how are you? Hi, sweetie, are you one of us? Hi, sweetie. hi, honey. Hi. hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie pea. it's me. where are you? Hello, alicia. it's good to meet you. hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. what was that message? Hi, sweetie. it's mom. Hi, sweetie. it's me. uh, just calling to say i love you. Hi. sweetie. Hi, sweetie. what's up? Hi, sweetie! hey! Hello? hey, dad... oh hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. bye. Hi, sweetie! you're home early! Oh, hi sweetie. Hi, sweetie. hi, mom. Hi, sweetie. whoa, what are you doing? Hi, sweetie! "oh, hi, sweetie. Hi sweetie. hey. Hi, sweetie pie. Yeah. hi, sweetie. Hey, monkeyman. hi, sweetie. how are you do... anna? anna? Oh, hi, sweetie. hi. i wasn't sure you were there. What happened to the electricity? hi, sweetie. Selling it doesn't do us any good. mom? yeah. hi, sweetie. Hello? hey, sweetie. hi, sweetie. No. mommy! mommy! hi, sweetie. Oh, sweetie, the beef and brew only gave me ten minutes off, so i gotta hustle. yeah. hi. hi, sweetie. hello. Hey, girl. hi, sweetie. sit here. Smart guy. hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. we're putting the kids in the mall. Hi, sweetie. i just couldn't wait any longer. Hi, daddy. hi, sweetie. how are you? Oh hi sweetie, did you get the money? Hi, sweetie. one thirty grand. Oh, that would have been great, wouldn't it have? hi sweetie. Hi, sweetie. what's your name? Hi, sweetie. you look great. Hi, sweetie. got a minute? Hey, mom! hi, sweetie. Hi, baby. hi, sweetie. I know. but, i mean, you repair shoes. eddie! oh, hi, sweetie. Hi, mama. hi, sweetie. Hi, courtney. hi, sweetie. Hey. hi sweetie, it's your father. Daddy! hi, sweetie. i'll be back, okay? Hi, sweetie. oh, that's so nice. Hi, sweetie. hey. Linda. hi, sweetie. hi. hi. Hello? hi, sweetie. it's mommy. Hi, sweetie. dinner is waiting. hi. Come here. hi, sweetie. Hi, sweetie. hi, gordon. Hi, sweetie. you okay? Was it a phone call? hi, sweetie. hi, hillary. Hi, sweetie. can i get you anything? ok. Hi, sweetie. who's that? Hi, molly. hi, sweetie. greet your mom. Hi, sweetie. how're you doing? Hi, sweetie. hey. hi. hi. That's what i'm talkin' about. oh, hi, sweetie! Hi, sweetie. i miss you. Hi, sweetie. see you guys later. Hi, sweetie. good to see you. sweetie hi