Hi it's

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, it's nick. i’m back."
Hi, it's joel. Hello? hi, it's me. Hi, it's me. Hi. it's really a pleasure to meet you. Yeah, wade, hi. it's jerry. i... Robby. hi. it's me. Hi. it's marge. Same side. guess who. hi. it's me. Hi, it's very nice to meet you. She said, "hi. it's anna." J. m. inc. hi. it's lotte. Hi. it's nice to finally meet you. Hi. it's charlie. Yeah. hi, it's arlene oslottjoseph. oh, well. Hi. it's keith harding. i got your letter. Hi, it's nic. do you have any? Hey. hi, it's me, and i'm on my way to your house. Hi. it's so nice to meet you. Hi, it's ivan. i got your message. Claire? hi, it's beth are you there? Hi, it's madison. why are you leaving me a voicemail? Anna, hi. it's arthur. Hi. it's jack. Hi. it's nice to see you. Hi. it's the quoteunquote "auburnhaired girl in three hundred and seven Hi, it's dave. Yeah. hi. it's bill lumbergh again. "hi, it's dean vargus again" "i can't do it anymore" "i... i quit!" It's about time we met. hi. it's a pleasure. Yeah? hi, it's marcy dawson. Hi. it's me. Hi, it's marge. who is he? call me. Yeah, hi, it's bill lumbergh. Bruce? hi, it's vicki. Hi! it's really nice to meet you! hi. nice to meet you. Hi. it's mom. you're in the new york times! Voicemail: hi, it's becky. leave a message. Hi. hi, it's me. Marty, hi. it's bridget klein. Hi, it's me again. Hi, it's daniel. Hi, it's jason. please leave a message. Hi! yeah, hi, it's me. Hi, it's me. you hear anything? Yeah. it's... yeah. hi. it's bill lumber... Hi. it's such a busy night. Hi, it's kristina. i haven't heard from you. Yo. hi. it's the mac attack. what up? Hi. it's mark. i need to talk to vinnie right now. Frank, hi. it's jake. No. hi. it's a real pleasure to meet you. Hi. it's maggie. can't take your call right now. Hi, it's george the dj. Hi, it's howie. Hello? hi, it's ben. Hi, it's nice to meet you. Yeah. hi. it's bill lum... Peter, hi. it's lou ferrigno. wonderfui biiiboards. Margaret. hi, it's john. fine. Yeah, hi, it's robert. Hi. it's jimmy macelroy. is katie there? Hi, it's john. Hi, it's amy. i'm not here, so leave a message and i'll call you back. Uh, hi, it's me. oh, i'm glad i found you. Allegra. hi, it's, uh, albert brennaman. Griffin dowd. hi. it's melanie. Hi, it's gayle buckley. Mom, hi, it's me. i left a message on your cell. Gloria? hi, it's me good, good how's charlie? Hi, it's vince with shamwow. Hi, it's wolfman. Hi. it's not over yet. Ross? hi, it's april. i'd love to see you. Uh, hi, it's a... it's good to see you all here. Hello? helen. hi. it's me. Oh, hi. it's ernie from class. Lance, hi. it's bert green. I'm sorry about my husband. i'm leslie. hi. it's okay. hi. how are you? Hi, it's janine. leave a message. Hi. it's ok. Hi, it's mrs. mollé. is barbara with you? Hi, it's grace. Roma? hi. it's molly. Dad, hi! it's me! for a sleigh ride together with you Hi, it's me. hi. could you put emira on? Hi, it's nick. i’m back. it's hi