Hi honey

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, honey, it's your mom."
Hi, honey. Hi, honey. what's up? Hi, honey. hi. Oh, hi, honey. what are you doing in here? Hello? oh, hi, honey. what's wrong? Hey, mom. hi, honey. Hi, honey. look what i got you. Hi, honey. i'm on my way home. Hi, honey, it's me. Hi, honey. what are you doing with mommy's phone? Oh, hi, honey. What? hi, honey. Hi, honey, i'm at the strip. Hi, honey. this is my little dexter. Hey. hi honey. Hi honey. Hi, honey. how was work? Hi, honey! hi. Hi, honey, i run out of appointments. Hi, honey. it's me. can you pick up? hello? Hey. hi, honey. Hi, honey! Hello? hi, honey. how are you doing? Hi, honey. hi, mom. Hi, honey. i was about to call you. Hi. hi! hi, honey. Hi, honey. how was your day at school? Hi, honey. i... Thank you, hi honey. Hi, honey. Oh, hi, honey. hi, lincoln. Hi, honey. nice to hear your voice. Hey, mom. hi, honey. how are you? Hi! honey! Hi, sweetie. hi, honey. Hi, dad. hi, honey. Hi, honey. hey, andie. Hi, honey? Hey. hi, honey. how's your day going? Hi, honey. we just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hi, honey! Hi. honey, i'm just gonna tell you right now, maya drew on your face. Raised. job done. hi, honey. Hi honey. how was work? good. Hello. hi, honey. Hello? hi, honey! Hi, honey. how are things in utah? Hello? hi, honey. Hi, honey. no, i'm not home right now. Hi, honey. darling, there you are. Hi, honey. we were just going for a swim. Hi, honey. did you get the formula? Ruby. hi, honey. i was going to call you... Hi, honey, this is me. Hi, honey, it's your mom. honey hi