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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Here. hi everyone, i'm john j. wild. and today...", "Molly, why is there... hi, everyone!", "Hi everyone.", "And lastly... hi, everyone. i am of the te aitangaahauiti clan."
Hi everyone, welcome. Hi, everyone, i'm greg gumbel alongside eddie george, and we are live this evening, for the new york giants and the atlanta falcons. Hi, everyone. hi. i'm holly munk. Hi, everyone! my apologies. This is trish. hi, everyone. Hello? hi, everyone. Oh, hi. hi, everyone. Hi, everyone, i just wanted to thank you all for everything you've done tonight donating services, time, food, toys. Hi, everyone. uh, my name is jj. Hi, everyone. Hi, everyone. it's my honor to present our special guest, and the star of this year's kill club. Hi, everyone, i wanted to welcome you to the auditions for the game of death. Hi, everyone. i'm frank lerue. Hi, everyone, it's the end of the week and that means it's time to meet "friday's forever friend". Hi. hi, everyone! Hi everyone, nick meyer here again. Hi, everyone! Hi, everyone, and thank you so much for coming to this modest little thing we threw together last minute. And that's... hi, everyone. i'm rebecca bloomwood. Hi, everyone. i'm from admissions. Hi everyone, this is the follow up to my 'pretzel talk' with max bauer. Hi, everyone. welcome to pretzel talk, live behind the scenes. Hi, everyone. i'm ricki lake, and this is my better half, mama. Hi, everyone. welcome to the biggest week of the poker year, the wpt world championship. Oh, hi, everyone. it's sophie here. Hi, everyone. And hi everyone, i'm cassie nightingale... owner of the grey house. Hi, everyone! my name is noah, and, yeah, you guessed it! That was his full name, wild bob, so i guess i was mrs. wild bob, hi everyone, welcome to my life. Hi, everyone. if you could all look right here. Hi, everyone, how are you? coffee? yes, thank you. Hi, everyone. we are coming to you live from bellagio in las vegas, where the largest prize pool in the history of the world poker tour will be given out. Hi everyone, sorry i'm running a little bit late. Hi, everyone. um, any parents among us? Ok, let's get started. hi, everyone. Hi, everyone. i'm alice. Ow, andy! hi everyone. Hi everyone, merry christmas. Preggie. hi everyone. Hi, everyone. thank you for coming. Hi, everyone, you've reached the founds. Hi, everyone. hey, caro. I told you to come see me first. i know, but... what was i gonna do? hi. hi, everyone. hi, iii'm becky. Sauerkraut is, without question, the superfood of the future. daddy! hi, everyone. Hi. everyone alright? yeah. Hi, everyone, it's samnang. Hey. hi... everyone. Hi, everyone. welcome to our program. What? hi, everyone. it's mia. And lastly... hi, everyone. i am of the te aitangaahauiti clan. Hi everyone. Molly, why is there... hi, everyone! Here. hi everyone, i'm john j. wild. and today... everyone hi