Hi dad

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, dad. hello, betty.", "Hi, dad. jo? is that you?", "Hi, dad. girls, i can't get back into town.", "Hi, dad. bradley.", "Happy birthday, alice. hi, dad.", "Hi, dad.", "Oh~ hi, dad."
Yeah, hiya, hon. oh, hi, dad. Hi, dad. congratulations, son. Hi, dad? yes. Hi, daddy. hi, dad. Hi, dad. Hi, dad. i had no idea about the tail until i saw it. Hello. hi dad. Hi, dad. congratulations. Hi dad. how was work? Hi, dad. i'm in mississippi. The claims began at a prophylactic recycling center... hi, dad! david! Hi, mom. hi, dad. Hi, dad. hey. Hi, dad. what's this stuff doin' here? Hitler! hi, dad! Hi, honey. hi, dad. Hi, dad. tommy! Hello? hi, dad. Wow. no "hi, dad," no "why are you home early?" Hi, dad! samantha, mason. hello. Gabe? hi, dad. Christopher. mitzi. hi, dad. I'm your father. say, "hi, dad." Hi, dad! Hi, mikey. hi, dad! Hi, dad. hi. Hi, dad. sorry l'm late. Hello, sweetheart. hi, dad. After me. hi, dad. Hi dad! Hi, dad. where you been? Hi, dad. nothing much. just having a party. Hi, dad. how you doing? Hi, dad. hey, sweetie. Hi. dad, i want to thank you again for helping with the mortgage. Hi dad. Kyle? hi... hi, dad. We're in here, ross. hi, dad. "hi, dad." Hi, dad. hi, daddy! Hi, dad. okay, are you guys sitting down? Don't upset your father. hi, dad. Hi, dad. hi, honey. Hi dad. Mario? hi, dad. Hi, dad. hi, son. Hi, dad. i'm glad i caught you. Oh~ hi, dad. Hi, dad. Happy birthday, alice. hi, dad. Hi, dad. bradley. Hi, dad. girls, i can't get back into town. Hi, dad. jo? is that you? Hi, dad. hello, betty. dad hi