Hey you're

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hey, you're really pretty. oh.", "Hey! you're soft!", "How's that? hey, you're very good.", "Hey! you're that spider guy on youtube, right?", "Hey, you're sketching again."
Oh well why don't you stay home? hey you're crazy. Hey! you're not hauling rathtars on this freighter, are you? Hey, you're beautiful. Hey, you're the one who said you wanted to die among friends. Hey. you're in my shop class, right? Hey. you're not gonna believe it. Nash, hey. you're all right. Hey, you're there in thirty minutes or i find you, jerry, and i shoot you and i shoot your fucking wife, and i shoot all your little fucking children Hey! you're dead, old man. Hey, you're a hero, buddy. Oh, hey. you're back. Hey. you're going? Hey, you're crazy. please! Hey. you're late. Hey, you're pretty famous, right? Hey, you're doing great. Hey, hey, hey... you're okay. Hey, you're retarded. Hey, you're supposed to do that at the morgue. Oh, i broke a glass. hey, you're bleeding. Hey! you're not listening. Hey, you're so messed up for bringing up that story. Hey. you're gonna start late. Hey, you're the sack. she'll come to you. Hey, you're my kid brother. Hey, you're the doctor. Hey, hey, hey! you're supposed to be sick. Hey, you're, uh... ? jeremiah. Hey, you're lucky. carole's great. Hey, you're here. hey, everybody. here camera. Hey, you're the best. Hey, you're back. Hey, you're not on the fucking marae now, so don't come in here accusing my mates of shit! Hey! you're snake plissken, ain't you? Hey, you're looking great. Hey. you're still coming over tonight, right? Hey! you're pushing your luck, eva. No! hey, you're making him nervous! Hey, you're nailing me. jesus. Hey. you're eleven minutes late. Bye. hey! you're beautiful! Hey, hey. you're making them hysterical. stop pointing that. Hey, you're crazy about me, you know that? Hey, you're okay. you're okay. hey! hey! Hey, you're the guy. from the wheelchair. Hey. you're our nurse? Hey, you're the one talking. Hey. you're okay. you're okay. samantha. Hey, you're my lawyer. Stop laughing, dale! hey, you're still the champ! Hey. you're gonna have a hard time shutting us down now, right, mr. mayor? Hey, you're bob wiley, aren't you? Hey. you're okay? hý, hý! Hey, you're stepping on my asshole. Hey, you're jim lovell, aren't you? Hey. you're snoring. Hey, you're here. Hey. you're not working at chotchkie's anymore, huh? Hey, you're not clyde. you're clydette. Hey. you're up. Hey you're hellboy. Hey, hey, hey! you're always just getting over him. Hey, you're looking for your locker, aren't you, son? follow me. "hey, you're not napoleon. you're just an extra!" Hey, you're fucking stupid, tse. Hey, you're martin scorsese. no, but i know harvey keitel. Hey! you're all right. "hey, you're a goat shepherd. Hey, you're like a pakistani sammy sosa. Hey, you're getting the chance of a lifetime here, davey. Hey, aar... hey, you're the africa girl, right? Hey, you're not allowed to rent here anymore ! yeah ! Hey, you're awake. Hey, you're hurting me. Hey! you're supposed to feel the pain. Hey! you're fucking with the wrong sandnigger, okay? Hey, you're that kid. Hey... hey! you're... you're that guy! Hey! you're dead. Hey! you're cute. Hey. you're looking good. Hey, you're that comedian. Hey, you're the one who got kermit to do this. Hey! hey! you're moving? Hey, you're a lawyer, doze. Sure, whatever you say, covey. hey, you're in charge. Hey. you're going into paris? Hey, you're a cool breeze. As the general said... 'there's nothing i'd ask you to do that i wouldn�t do myself, boys.' hey, you're all right. Hey, you're irish. maybe it's an irish curse or something. Hey. you're still up? Hey, hey, hey! you're good? Hey. you're all right. you're all right. What, dude? hey. you're gonna break her heart. Hey. you're okay. Hey, you're sketching again. Hey! you're that spider guy on youtube, right? How's that? hey, you're very good. Hey! you're soft! Hey, you're really pretty. oh. you're hey