Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well done, henry.", "You never let me down, henry.", "Who, henry?", "Man: mayor april henry.", "People don't survive water landings, henry.", "You okay, henry?", "Who are you people? where's henry?"
Henry four? Henry! Henry. What do you want, henry? Henry, the pen... Yeah? who beat that john henry lewis? I see the worst in people, henry. John henry lewis, he's your number two in line. "henry aaron." No, do you want me to... henry quatre. Tell him to pick you up at "quai henry iv" Henry; junior! Henry, what are you doing here? All right, henry. Oh, thank you, henry. Are you taking henry with you to meet union oil? All right. pack it up, henry. Henry plainview. j. j. carter. This is my brother, henry plainview from fond du lac. Are you an angry man, henry? about what? I'm henry. Rinnelli and henry dead in the first fifteen minutes, just straight off. Isn't john henry one of johnston's boys? You're gonna fight john henry lewis again. Up to fort william henry. Is this henry hooker's ranch? Carries a henry rifle. Mmm, no, not tonight. no, henry? Henry. nice to meet you. where you from? I've only got a henry meself. all right, laters. "henry." Who? it's henry. No, henry, you're the first to call. Hello? henry, it's rita from the hospital. So good to see you, henry. Henry! henry! Anyone fomenting on advocating the leaving of fort william henry... will be hung for sedition. He does not know that my father's army attacks fort william henry. We were headed to fort william henry. But now you are henry pu yi. We still got to get ed henry and marshall. The only time we'd be seeing ed henry is at the state championship. Oh, henry. l call him mr. nervous. No, it's henry, it's henry. Henry, put that cigarette out. They know who we are, henry. Jesus christ, henry. There's no "we" here, henry. Henry shaw. Yes, henry? brian, it's me again. And you will, too, henry. Well, you know, henry miller said the best way to get over a woman... is to turn her into literature. Henry I love you henry. I'm so sorry, henry. Hi, henry. what happened? It's henry, grandpa. Henry, henry barthes. Mr. barth, henry barth. "for henry" Henry morgenthau arranged it. dear friend. Henry sagan? Did henry make you a good offer, at least? I'll just call you later. henry? I'll get it, henry! Make yourself at home there, henry. Lt's the biggest story since no, henry. Than we'll get henry the red and his men to fight with us. A big wheel. it's who you know, henry. Henry, l... yeah, i know, i know. Calm down, henry. Henry, come on! I'm not leaving here, henry. Hamilton burgess and henry lowe. Mr. henry lowe. I'm henry lowe. with an "e." Oh, henry, i'm scared. Henry? maria and lucas are not here. Yes, henry, thank god. how are you guys? Bold moves, henry. that's what's needed right now. Henry? Who are you people? where's henry? You okay, henry? People don't survive water landings, henry. Man: mayor april henry. Who, henry? You never let me down, henry. Well done, henry.