Hello son

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, son. would you have a seat?", "Hello, son. yeah?", "Faye, lou. hello, son.", "Oh! dad! hello, son.", "Hello, son. i'm just getting rid of the grass."
Hello, son. Say hello, son. Hello, son. this is for you. Hello, son. hey. Hello? son of a bitch. Hello, son. mom, this is amelia. Hello, son. Hello, son. i thought you weren't coming. Hello father. hello son. Dad? hello, son. Hello? hello, son. Hello, son. it was nice of you to come out and meet me. Hello? son of a bitch! if you came in town and didn't tell me, i'll fucking kill you. cam! Hello, son. hey, beat it, man. Hello, son. you saw me. Mr. woolsey? hello, son, good to see you. Hello, son. how you doing, ma'am? Hi, dad. hello, son. Hello, son. hmm? Hello, son. how you doing, eh? ooh, i've missed you. Hello, mama. hello, son. Hello, son. i'm just getting rid of the grass. Oh! dad! hello, son. Faye, lou. hello, son. Hello, son. yeah? Hello, son. would you have a seat? son hello